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Welcome to my world of Positive Energy & Crystals!

If you could describe your mood today as a color, what would it be? Red, orange, yellow or do you feel green, blue, or violet? Each of these colors relates to Crystals and the energy they contain.  Like a rainbow! 🙂

How do you really feel every day? Listless? In need of coffee?

Do you sometimes feel like you need a nap? Or do you feel like you have lost some of your passion and are having trouble visualizing the path to reach your dreams?

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 If you feel you need to add something positive to your life, or you are already familiar with crystals and their properties; you are in the right place!

Since you are here something tells me you have an interest in gaining more energy, learning more about crystals and attracting positive vibrations. It also means because you have an interest in crystals you are open to understanding more about them and how they can help you create a life of your dreams.

Maybe your search has led you here because…

  • You are not sure which crystals would help you raise and balance your energy. I hope I can explain it a little better to help with your choice.
  • Or maybe choosing the right crystal to attract positive energy vibrations into your life seems overwhelming to you. I’d like to help you figure it out, and make it a simpler process.
  • Perhaps you feel lost and wish you had more perspective on energy and the law of attraction. I hope I can inspire you to create a life of your own design and follow your dreams.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your creative or life journey.  I’m certain you want to make a POSITIVE change and make an IMPACT on your life.

You want to use your creative talents towards something that could change your life.  I know you want to create something meaningful to you, and for your family.

You’re sick of being tired, and you’re READY to make a positive change. But you just don’t know where to start to raise your energy vibrations and attract positive influence into your life.

I hear you, I’ve totally been there! I used to be such an angry and negative person. As a result, my energy attracted terrible things to me all the time. I changed my course when I changed my perception of myself and raised my energy vibration.

I have a few core beliefs I think are necessary to realize your dreams and live a life of your own design.

  • Everyone can attract joy and happiness to them.  I believe you can change your lives by using crystals energy frequencies. By using positive affirmations, we can practice self-love and heal our negative patterns and create positive ones.
  • I believe everyone has a HUGE dream they keep in the back of their minds. My goal is to help you bring your dreams to reality.
  • Positive attracts positive. I believe you deserve happiness and it is possible to raise your energy vibration to attract love and great things into your life. My job is to give you direction to embrace yourself and fulfill your dreams.
  • Music has its own positive healing properties and I believe everyone should use music as positive inspiration to raise their energy frequencies.

I believe you want to bring positive energy to your life and build a life of your own design and become the positive Rock Star you are meant to be.

Hi, Everyone! My name is Adele Walsh and I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED to show you how to use crystals to become positive and create a Rock Star life of your own design.

Once you increase your energy vibration you become the fun, creative and passionate person you are meant to be. When you are the person you want to be, dreams become possible and lives can be built around happiness and what you love to do.

When you have positive or high energy vibrations, you attract positive things into your life. Positive thoughts and actions allow for focus, clarity, and happiness in your everyday lives.

Why do I use crystals?

I use crystals to raise my energy frequency and they have balanced my energy and mood. Crystals have also helped me regain my creativity and I now strive to have a life that makes me happy. Their energy vibration gives me focus, be more positive and they also help me sleep.

There has been a change in me since I started using crystals in my everyday life. I want to help you to use crystals and positive energy to achieve a higher frequency. In turn, these new positive vibes attract positive influences and prosperity into your life.

Our lives are all about doing things we love. My other passions include music, and dancing with my partner in adventure Derek, we also dabble in photography, and I’m pursuing my love of writing.

Why did I start the Adele Walsh Blog?

The Adele Walsh Blog was built around my dream to become an author.  I’m writing a fantasy series centered around crystals.  Authors need a platform to introduce themselves to everyone and blogging is a great start.

At first, I thought I could discuss my writing journey and what I learned along the way. I quickly discovered there are many fantastic sites already providing this type of content and just because I want to become an author didn’t mean I had to blog about writing.

So I decided to research and see what I could do. What I found was a huge world of on-line entrepreneurs with wonderful ideas of how to monetize their blogs.

When I found out you can make an income with your blog, it changed my life!

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This inspiration provided the foundation for me to write about things I love to do so I could turn what I love to do into an online business.

My blog became something I could earn income using affiliate partnerships with wonderful companies and eventually offering merchandise related to crystals and energy vibrations here on the site.

As an introvert who comes alive at music events, I also share my experiences of music artists, concerts, festivals and other music events. Showcasing the importance of music in our lives.

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Music consists of energy vibrations, just like humans and crystals. We are ALL linked to the energy web of the universe by our own unique energy vibration.

The connection between positive energy, crystals, and music vibrations allowed me to create a theme for this blog.

My site represents me and what I love. Let’s create a community and be the Rock Stars we are meant to be!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to connect with you through the comments section, on Social Media or through my mailing list.