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The Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album The Getaway

The Red Hot Chili Peppers new album The Getaway is a perfect example of how opening up to change can take you to another level.

Through any career, especially creative pursuits, you have to be willing to evolve and shake things up to get better. You can’t stay in one place if you want to grow.

The 11th studio album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers has a new perspective in the form of a new producer. Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) took the reigns for The Getaway. His new direction was a welcome change and offered a different presentation than we usually see from the band.

Dark Necessities


I love this album, and this album made me love the Red Hot Chili Peppers again.

Honestly, since Blood Sugar Sex Magik and it’s enormous success, the Red Hot Chili Peppers sort of fell off my radar. Their tumultuous band life and a kind of stagnant sound had been leaving me looking for more.

Sure I’d hear a new release on the radio over the years and like it enough to learn the chorus or a great line, but never grabbing my attention enough to pursue the album as a whole.

This album changed it for me. It has to do with three things in no particular order.

  1. Danger Mouse
  2. Josh Klinghoffer
  3. It’s a breakup album

Danger Mouse has taken them in a different direction with their sound. He also co-writes and plays on some of the songs.

Kiedis revealed in an interview Danger Mouse didn’t like all the songs they brought to him and asked them to work and change many they had already written. It was a very collaborative effort in the end, and the result is fantastic.

Go RoBot



His flare on the album is apparent and a welcome change for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

My favorite songs on the album are “Feasting on the Flowers” and “The Hunter.”




I would call this album beautiful. A look into love and loss, shared experience, and their survival as a band.

The album cover itself has the theme of survival. “Coalition II” a painting by Kevin Paterson is the first existing piece of art used as an album cover by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The artist himself a survivor of addiction says it depicts:

“The strength that it takes growing up in the world today, those traumas that it takes to get through it, and to survive and thrive.”


Photo Credit:

Fleas unhappiness with creative cohesiveness has been documented numerous times over the years. He would often contemplate the bands future and if he belonged to it.

Flea himself had a disruption during the recording of this album in the form of a snowboarding accident. He broke his arm which delayed recording by six months in trying to re-scheduled with Danger Mouse.

Flea revealed to 102.1 the edge he enjoyed the time to himself but was grateful to play again. All the bullshit didn’t matter anymore; he just wanted to play in a band with his friends.

Another welcome influence on this album from Danger Mouse is the emergence of Josh Klinghoffer.

Yes he was on their last Album “I’m with you,” but if you’ve ever listened to it, he’s in the background.

On this new album the Getaway, he shines through loud and clear.

The Getaway Album


On each song, he adds his style, and it shows. He is now apart of the band and at times is a driving force.

I hear influences of the Doors in his playing, and it shines through in “The Hunter.”  The song was originally written by Flea on the piano. He actually plays trumpet for this song on the album while Josh plays the bass.

“I laid it down on piano, the whole thing from beginning to end, and then Josh (Klinghoffer, guitar) started playing all this stuff over it and it kept the piano. You know what I mean? So, it has that feeling of the piano on it and then Josh played all the stuff. Josh plays the bass on that song too. And then Chad (Smith) played drums after.” – Flea via Songfacts

The Hunter


The album, by Anthony Keidis’s admission, has songs and themes of breaking up. He and his girlfriend of 2 years had a May-December relationship. They recently split, and you can hear Keidis process his loss.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers enjoyed the creative change, and the direction Danger Mouse brought to the table. It can be viewed as a challenge and a stepping stone to keep changing it up. Sitting in the same place with the same old habits can be comfortable. Change is uncomfortable but brings you out of your shell.  It shows what you can accomplish and the great heights you can reach.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Carpool Karaoke


In their 30 plus year career as a band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers did not allow for an entirely peaceful and tranquil journey.

Addiction and changing of the guard over the years had to be disruptive and hard at times. For a deeper clarity on their history check out Anthony Kiedis’ memoir Scar Tissue.
Although together for many years, it’s only recently they have worked through creative differences and options in constructive ways. There is a more fluid telepathy again. All members of the band are healthy and focused on the tasks at hand. Creating great music.




The Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012 and they’ve headlined the halftime show at the Super Bowl in 2014. Over their career, they have sold 80+million albums and won 6 Grammy’s, all the while battling drug addictions, divorces, and year-long world tours. Imagine what they can do with creative stability, health, and happiness.

In the ever positive words of drummer Chad Smith.


You can buy The Getaway here on Amazon or below on iTunes.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Photo Credit Derek Dunphy

I had the fortune of seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Toronto at the ACC for The Getaway Tour. It was an energetic show, and they played many of their hits and songs from the new album. Lighting and distance prevented a great shot, but I will leave you with the recognizable symbol of the ever evolving Red Hot Chili Peppers.
You can check out their Tour here.


You can check them out on Twitter here, Facebook here and this is their website.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Getaway

Practical Gifts Couples Can Use Together

Practical Gifts Couples Can Use Together

This week’s post is a showcase of gifts couples can use together.  A gift bought with the purpose of being useful to both people in a relationship, can save money and a garbage full of dead flowers. Buying something useful to both of you can bring a couple closer together and satisfy a mutual interest.

Figuring out what to buy someone who has everything they need, while making it unique and thoughtful, can be stressful for some people.

I admit I am not the best gift giver.  Over the years I’ve come to realize what has the biggest impact is making the effort.  Those actions can be a huge difference to your loved one and brighten their day.

Spending Time with your Spouse is Important.

We live in the era where we have limited time for our spouses. For many, we spend most of our time at work.

Sometimes we waste time on frivolous pursuits or choose to sleep the time away on long weekends.

For some, valuable time is spent in cars for hours staring at brake lights just to get home.  While others have families, activities, and responsibilities which take up large portions of the day.

Time is something you can’t buy, or ever get back once it is gone.  You can only use it wisely, be productive and make the smart choice with its precious minutes.

My dream is to live a life where I have the freedom to spend time with my loved ones and earn a living doing something I love.

I try to spend a lot of time with my spouse.  It’s by choice; he’s handsome, kind and super funny.

It makes a lot of sense for us to purchase gifts we both can use together.

Here are a few items we would love to buy each other and one we are trying out and recommend.

List of Gifts Couples can use together:

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology


In searching for the best gifts couples can use together, I came across the new Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera.  Most of us have a camera full of selfies and snapshots of your lives with very few displayed on your fridge or have at work in cute frames.  I know when we started using digital cameras, our printing and framing dwindled to a stop.  Sure I post them on Facebook or Instagram, but I don’t have pictures in my wallet or around my mirrors anymore as a daily reminder of the people I love.  This camera will hopefully solve this problem, analog selfies!

See Stickers, Albums, Frames and Paper Refills below.
















You can find the paper refills here.








Getting outside in the fresh air and being active is an important part of everyone’s lives.  An excellent way to spend time together and get some exercise is to commit to walking or hiking with your partner.  Fitbits are fun gifts couples can use together to track your progress and keep you motivated.  It can become a challenge for both to track your step totals. It’s also a fun way to stay healthy and spend time together.  Available in different colors.

Picnic Backpack

While you are on these romantic hikes or lovely strolls through the park, how can you resist a lookout and a picnic?  A great idea for gifts couples can use together is this picnic backpack.  I love how it keeps everything neat and tidy.

We have found many lookouts while hiking around Southern Ontario, where we can spread out a blanket and enjoy the view.

Our favorite summer activity is finding a place to watch the sunset.


Arbonne Genius Ultra Wand

The Arbonne Genius Wand is a skin care product which can be gifted to each other and used together.  The technology behind the wand is ultrasound.  The warmed tip of the wand gently massages product deeper and more penetrating into your skin.  I really notice the difference than using anti-aging product alone. Many of my fine lines vanish with consistent use.


The wand is unisex.  We all want to look our best and guys want to keep their skin youthful.

I have been an Independent Consultant for Arbonne for many years.  They have an incredible range of health and wellness products for both men, women, and children.  All their products are vegan, contain no parabens and are cruelty-free.

Amazon Echo or Echo Dot









The Amazon Echo is a hands-free home automation system, and her name is Alexa.  All you have to do is ask Alexa to play music, give you a weather update or do a search online for you. She can even turn the lights on!  Imagine the convenience of arriving home with your hands full of bags and saying, “Alexa, turn on the lights.” Fantastic!

This technology is amazing, with integrated apps like Spotify, Audible and much more. As a couple, we can listen to music and books together.  We would no longer have to play paper, rock, scissors to see who has to get up to turn off the lights during movie night, we’ll just ask Alexa!

Although not released in Canada yet, the Amazon Echo is available in the US and UK.  I’m so envious.

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope I have inspired you to spend time with the person you love most in life.

Please pin the image below for future reference on Pinterest!




USS – Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker



My cheeks are sore from smiling because I saw the best concert of my life last night! This week’s showcase, a story of how a band from Canada named USS grew above resistance, to spread a mission of smiling faces and happy hearts.

Toronto’s Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker or USS for short, have become a favorite of the area and have an incredible story of perseverance and overcoming the odds. They pledge to create music in the spirit of bringing people together and extend a message of life’s limitless possibilities.

How can you resist a band which aspires to incite dance parties, make people smile, laugh and spreads happiness?


USS – The Music

USS, Adele Walsh BlogClassified as many different music groups styles:

Progressive Dance Folk.

Drum & Strum.

Acoustic Dub Infused Pop.

Alternative Rock Dance Duo.

My favorite from  Raise the Hammer, “A blend of live instrumentation with accomplished turntables spinning Electronica, Drum & Bass, Dub, and Folk, molded into melodic Indie Pop.”

However, you want to look at it — it’s freaking awesome!


“Who’s With Me?”



Although their implementation may be unique, an acoustic guitar, a turntable and two microphones, it just works. Add a drummer on tour, and you have a banging rock show. They are original, bizarre at times and endearing all wrapped up into a lot of fantastic.

When you can’t pinpoint a genre, they are allowed to be progressive and as weird as they want.

To me, it is more like a rock concert and a rave mixed with a campfire sing along. You can’t help but dance to the beat and bask in the “melodic aloe vera” of USS.

The drum base beats and grunge guitar riffs amplify the 2 step rhythms. It makes it impossible not to bounce and groove to the flows. Their lyrics take you through a science chemistry lesson woven intricately with poems written for a long lost lover.


My Experiences – USS:

USS – New Music Fest Barrie 2013:

USS, Barrie 2013

In 2013, I saw USS at the New Music Fest in Barrie. They were fantastic, energetic and a true crowd pleaser.

The crowd went crazy when they performed!

My media card was destroyed, so I had to find a picture for you. (Much better than ours would have been.)

Fellow Canadian band Big Wreck was also there.

USS – EdgeFest Echo BeachToronto 2014:

USS, Edgefest 2014

(Photo Credit: Derek Dunphy)

I saw them live again in 2014 at EdgeFest Echo Beach in Toronto. They were the highlight of the night although it was cool to see Said the Whale, became fans of Bear Hands and loved MS MR.

On stage USS are opposites, and you can honestly see the juxtaposition, the Yin Yang of their showmanship. It melds and unites everyone. It is a synergy felt across the audience.

A perfect description of the feeling that shines through in the music of USS. The two parts of the band create an experience I return to see again and again.

USS – Sixinthe6ix Series Danforth Music Hall 2016:

USS, Danforth 2016

(Photo Credit: Derek Dunphy)

My third time seeing USS was this past December 2016, when they performed six nights straight at six different venues.  It was an homage to their humble beginning in Toronto.

I was fortunate enough to see them on their last night at the Danforth Music Hall.  I had a really great time at this venue, there was space to dance and have fun.  The age range was broad, which was nice to not be the elders in the room.


USS, Human Kebab

(Photo Credit: Derek Dunphy)

Jason crowd surfed a lot during this show, and Derek happened to be close enough for an unexpected close-up.




USS – Guelph Music Theater 2017:

Most recently I had the experience with USS at the Guelph Music Theater on Saturday, January 28th.

VENUE: The Guelph Concert Theater, in Guelph, Ontario.

I had never been to this venue and really liked it. There were different levels and decks for you to have excellent vantage points of the show.

Parking was behind the building, very convenient.

The beer was only $7.50. Bonus. (Shows in Toronto can be more expensive.)

Where we attended the “meet and greet” with the guys, we had to arrive at 6:30 pm, we were let in around 6:45 pm.

MEET and GREET with USS:

I have to say this is such a fun thing to do if you love a band. Meet them!

I know there is a saying we should never meet our heroes, and it may be true in some cases but not USS. These two guys are so genuinely nice and take the time to talk to each person, sign items, take a selfie, tell a story and give plenty of hugs.

USS, Meet and Greet Guelph 2017

(Photo Credit: Amazing USS Team Member)

We did tell Ash we are from Newfoundland (“Newfies”) and he said he would think of us during “Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole” and seemed to have a high regard for our heritage.


The opening band for the show was Repartee, an electronic band from Newfoundland! They were great, lead singer Meg Warren, is very energetic and engaging along with guitarist Robbie Brett, Dummer Nick Coultas-Clark, and Keyboardist Josh Banfield. Signed with Independent label Sleepless Records, they are considered an Indie band with pop hooks.

They played songs from their first album, “All Lit Up,” including “Fall Apart,” “Unknown,” “All Lit up,” “Die B4U”, “Dukes,” “Nice Girls” and closed with “Electric Energy.” Electric energy sums them up pretty well; I kept getting visions of 80’s pop stars Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and Paula Abdul when they played, they were great.



SYNOPSIS & Overall Impression for USS at the Guelph Music Hall:

USS started the show off with “Anti-Venom” and continued with hit after hit. I was in the crowd the whole time bouncing along while Derek stayed back on a deck to get better pictures. Both Ash and Jason were amazing, and you can see the love and bond they share.

Ash no longer wears sunglasses while performing. It’s great to see him present and engaging with the audience.

Jason did his signature headstand while spinning a record and even brought a guy on from the Dragon’s Den, and put him on his shoulders and spun the record with his feet.

There was a sing along with lights for the late great George Michael, rest his soul.

USS, Guelph 2017

(Photo Credit: Derek Dunphy)

I did partake in the moss pit festivities to Damini, and it’s weird, but I just jumped and spun in circles bouncing off guys and girls. My gray hair must have made them a little more gentle with me, ;).

They played two songs from their new album “New World Alphabet,” “Work Shoes” which has been on rotation on the radio for a while now, “Us,” which is such a great song, and their new hit and I think crossover song “Who’s with me?”

The kids are already singing these songs at the top of their lungs, imagine what it will be like this summer at festivals, a couple of months after it’s release. USS have created a super album, adding to their already fantastic repertoire, and it is so freaking amazing for them. They totally deserve it.

SET LIST for USS at the Guelph Concert Theater:

The Set List of songs with related Album:

  • Anti-Venom – Questamation
  • Laces Out – Questamation
  • Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday) – APPROVED
  • Nepal – Advanced Basics
  • This is the Best – Advanced Basics
  • Freakquency – Advanced Basics
  • Careless Whisper – George Michael homage
  • Work Shoes – New World Alphabet
  • Us – New World Alphabet
  • Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole – Welding the C:/
  • Who’s With Me – New World Alphabet
  • Damini – APPROVED


  • Hydrogenuine – Advanced Basics
  • Pornostartrek – Welding the C:/
  • Yin Yang – Advanced Basics

OUTRO – Hakuna Matata

“It means no worries for the rest of your days
It’s our problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!”

-Hakuna Matata – The Lion King

Thoughts on USS at The Guelph Music Hall:

Words cannot relay the feeling and intensity surrounding USS at a show.  You have to go experience it yourself.  They genuinely want to spread a message of happiness, and it is contagious.

Everyone sings along, everyone is smiling and happy, it is a humungous bubble of love and people dancing to the beats.

Their concerts are therapeutic, the songs and lyrics connect to people so much, you really can let it fall away and sing your heart out.

I will probably say this every time I go to a concert; my only disappointment is they couldn’t play longer and all of the songs in their catalog. It would have been great to hear all of their new songs from NEW WORLD ALPHABET.

“Broken Smile”


I can’t wait for them to come through again, they are going to blow up with this album.  I am so thrilled for USS.  It’s weird I don’t know if it just being Canadian, but you feel so proud of these guys.  You root for them, you want them to succeed, and you want them to spread their message further.

EXPANSION is coming for them, the universe is giving her blessing, all the intention put out, and hard work is paying off.

You can purchase tickets for the USS NEW WORLD ALPHABET TOUR here on Ticketmaster and here on the USS website.

Next up Thunder Bay on Monday the 30th at Crocks and then on to Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Kamloops, Victoria, and Vancouver.

Be sure to check them out; you will have a fabulous time and become lifelong fans like Derek and me!


USS, New World Alphabet


The newest album from USS is called New World Alphabet. Although released on Friday the 13th, it was due to timing and the full moon, and there seems to be nothing causing them harm with the new album’s success.

For this album, they left their comfort zone and headed to California. They found themselves performing for and with people they had just met or only ever heard about.
“When you take yourself away from all your familiarities,” Jason told the Whig, “and now you’re in West Hollywood with a total stranger who has already made $10 million. That’s when you sit there, and your like “We’ve made it, we’re here, and we’re ready for what is next!”

“Work Shoes”

To promote the album in Toronto, they stuck their album cover on a food truck, drove around the GTA and offered smoothies and pop-up shows with smoke machines.

They wanted to make a tangible experience for their fans, not just online, as in touch the guitar it’s real. For it to be exciting and to cause enthusiasm like a sports event. So, they went out, and they were real with their fans during this promotion.

I love this album and yes I have listened to it over 30 times.

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Ash said he used an alphabet system in his notes O for Outlook, I for insight, and the whole album was based on this principle, thus New World Alphabet and his new outlook on life.

Here is a list of tracks for your enjoyment.

My only complaint would be: I wish it were a longer album. At just under 30 minutes total, I am only just getting into the groove and “Vulcan” starts, my solution; put it on repeat.



Formed in 2007, Ashley Buchholz (Ash Boo-Schultz) with his trademark sunglasses as the vocalist and guitarist. Paired with the ever energetic and truly electric Jason Parsons (The Human Kebab) a headstand spin-master and crowd amplifying DJ, these guys put on an amazing and energized show.

The Synergy of USS:

Two guys were searching for meaning and purpose in their lives.

“At the time I was going to Chapters every day,” Ash said to The Journal in 2009, “and raided the self-help section, trying to find an answer, trying to find the reset button on my life.”

It seems the fates aligned when Ash and Jason first met, and formed “Team of Captains” in 2005.

Jason had just finished university and Ash had just dropped out of music school.

“It was this amazing meeting in the ascent and decent in life,” says Ash, “We grabbed some breakers, did some experiments and one thing led to another.” They didn’t intend to start a band; it was a natural progression.

“Jay DJ’ed a lot, and I would go to his basement dance parties,” recalls Ash, “One time he suggested to bring my guitar and started dropping amazing records, and I started to play along.”

“Fell in Love with A Girl” – The White Stripes Cover”

The Name USS:

The name USS, Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, stems from Ash’s quest for self-realization.

“To be omnipresent, to exist everywhere and at the same time is what it means to be ubiquitous, and its synergy is the total effect of that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

“I was thinking, ‘Who do I want to be?’, ‘Who do I want to become?’” Ash told The Journal, “I was flipping through a dictionary one day, and it was the word Ubiquitous.” Ash set intention into the universe when he wrote the word down. “The band name hit me as a title of the type of person I was striving to be,” he says, “All these amazing and wonderful things started to happen. Success manifested in the intention of that title.”

He decided to shake up the foundation of his life, his blueprint of this bungalow he wanted to become.

“Yo Hello Hooray (Everyday)”


The lyrics are what Ash calls “fortune cookies,” little snippets of his thoughts, insight, and jokes. He is an introvert and spends a lot of time alone, but who is also very open and honest about his life and his music. He ponders the world, what he hears and witnesses, and writes it all down in notebooks.

His songs also impassion a raw sense of love, loss, and addiction. Songs created to help listeners deal with the turmoil of love and relationships, let the pain fall away and rock it out. He writes about experiences which have happened to him, including mental illness, the worst and the best. It’s real life, and you can tell.

He writes to liberate his soul, lift the heaviness, making each day a little lighter than the one before.

It’s like therapy, you can whisper and scream with a guitar, and no one will think you are crazy.

Performing is what USS live for, and they take the time to talk and interact with their fans at each show.

The Realism of USS:

USS makes music by combining what they want to hear and are continuously inspired by other bands and artists. Their philosophy is to show how trials and tribulations in life can connect and reach an audience. The result is to heal, bring joy and change the world.

“People can feel a realism about us — that we lived through the music and with the music through us.” Jason expressed to RIFF YOU, “That realism, now more than ever is important. People want to believe in the people who write and perform it. They want to believe that the artists have the same convictions as they did when they wrote the music as to when they’re on stage and to when they spoke to you at a merchandise booth.”

Jason’s handle the Human Kebab stems from a University joke turning into an alias. A guy so full of energy and maybe Red Bull, he doesn’t stop the entire show.

“He’s in the 1/4 of 1/2 of 1 percentile of the population who can process emotions,” Ash says of Jason. “Get mad if you need to get mad but let it go, be direct, take life on, be able to put on different hats, love life and be so grateful about every little thing.”



Jason also feels a strong bond and admires the artist Ash has become; he said to AMBLY, “The biggest surprise in all the years of knowing Ash, is he is truly an artist. That can be such a general statement that anyone can take it any way they want,” he goes on to say, “What I mean is when we get together to perform, travel, or hang out eating shawarma, every single thing he does and breath he takes is carefully calculated. I think it is part of why our music translates so well with fans. He really is everything that he preaches.”

“Whether he’s the happiest and most energetic man on the planet or depressed and anti-social. That’s what makes him an artist,” he concludes, “I don’t think there are many true artists out there now.”


Ash is known for making smoothies on stage; he once described it in 2009 as the process of blending all the enthusiasm and joy in the room and ingesting it.

He then takes energy received and brings it to the next show to absorb some more; the feeling exponentially grows each show spreading the happiness. Although he started making the shakes due to lack of time between work and the shows. It has turned into a consistent practice of keeping the momentum and energy of each show going indefinitely.

USS on Performing:

Ash compares performing live to tantra, “It feels like I and the collective entity the audience and the performances are having passionate sex.” He goes on to say, “There is that level of intimacy. It’s like my journal is on an overhead projector above me on the stage as I’m singing. It says come and witness me on my most vulnerable and honest moments of my entire existence.”

USS has been an Independent band throughout their history. Barry Taylor in the early days “USS is no doubt 100%, the best-kept secret in Canada’s Independent scene.”

Jason is an avid promoter of independent music and artists. He has said he recognizes the politics of the music and radio industries and how it can affect independent music artists. He understands the importance of social media in promoting and marketing. They value fans and depend on them to support their albums through crowd-funding like Pledgemusic.

The success of these campaigns shows how much the fans love the music of USS and want to see more.




The Music Back List of USS:

USS – Welding the C:/ 2008:

USS, Welding the C


The independently released EP named Welding the C:/ (as in the C drive of a computer) was sent out without much thought to its success. Performing live for a few months while roofing. Both Ash and Jason must have thought it wouldn’t amount to anything and parted ways just after they completed the album. Ash went to America in pursuit of himself with some friends, and Jason to Alberta to work the oil fields.

USS blew up on the radio in Toronto in 2008.

The station 102.1 the Edge helped tremendously by listening to fans. They grabbed the band from obscurity and threw them into heavy rotation. The repetitive plays and requests on the alternative rock station catapulted their first single Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole. The thing is, they didn’t have an album when mainstream came calling, and only the six songs recorded on the EP.

Radio and USS:

Sure the pressure of having their first song on the radio got to them at times. But they found their place and kept pushing forward for the right reasons and keeping to their mission.



“There is so much competition in the music industry,” Jason reflected in 2014, “If you’re the kind of artist where you start on the radio, you have to continue to feed the machine because that’s your lifeblood.” He goes on to say, “If we weren’t a radio band and just an alternative rock-electric dance duo that drove around in a Chrysler Dynasty and toured, and built an Indie following. It would’ve made a slow evolution.” In retrospect, he says, “How many artists would buckle under the pressure of major radio support, without a record label?”

I remember when the song dropped, I marveled at its uniqueness and fantastically intricate lyrics.

How could I resist with his salute to Newfoundland:

“Once more
I’m flying with Brian, my friend
Hold me
Bonavista baby
Moose meat
Neighboured a medley of beans
Screech me”

– Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole – Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

The success of the Hollow Point Snipper Hyperbole and Pornostartrek caused the members to rethink their endeavor, and they re-formed.

They both returned to Ontario to put together a video, as you can see it showcases the sound and essence of the band., performed live on MTV Canada.

“Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole”


USS went on to win an Edge 102.1 CASBY award the same year.

Quoted as saying their music is like “Nirvana unplugged at a rave, not that we are Nirvana necessarily, but that sort of vibe.” I can attest, it’s exactly what it is like.

USS – Questamation 2009:

USS, Questamation


Questamation their first album was released in 2009. The song Anti-Venom featured in Major League BaseBall 2K11 video game and also went on to become a fan favorite and staple at their shows.

“Recording it was like a kamikaze suicide mission,” recalls Jason of the album, “things just didn’t stop. We kept surfing along on a wave that just got bigger and bigger.”

They were in the recording studio for 20 hours a day for 33 days going through their tickle trunk of songs and samples to make their first album. The passion and connection they share for their craft bring about a hyper-dynamic approach to music.

“Laces Out”

This album described as a reflection of inner peace and happiness to the Toronto Journal in 2009. Its theme is to ask and answer questions enthusiastically rather than shy away and stew on them. The result, a question mark and exclamation point making the title Questamation.

One of my favorites on this album is Cloud Boy. It was one of their first songs and shows the trust between Ash and Jason to go forward. The song recognizes the potential in someone; it is about them taking a chance on the music.

“At the time I was an extremely broken, turbulent person, and Jason recognized something in me.” Ash reiterates, “The best anti-depressant in the world would be to get a pint of his blood.”

“Here’s my heart, don’t let me down
Don’t let me down
Here’s my all, I won’t let you down
Won’t let you down”

-Cloud Boy – USS



USS went on to tour with Ill Scarlett in 2010 and participated in “Toronto plays for Haiti” with numerous other Canadian artists. They were chosen to go to India as the Canadian representatives for the “Be There” Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange.

They love the Canadian Indie music scene, it is a small close circle, and the guys have always felt welcome. To USS it is the best to get to know other artists, their motivations, and experiences.

Getting to meet other rockers and have moments of understanding with what each has had to conquer and get through. The support and friendships made over the years reiterate being nice, having good thoughts and kind words about other people are important and inspiring.



USS, Approved


In 2011 they released the EP APPROVED, which resulted in such Canadian Alternative charting hits as N/A OK, Yo Hello, and my personal favorite and also theirs to play, a metaphor for life as a love song, Damini.

Ash saw a documentary on how an elephant died and its partner would not leave. Would not eat, or drink and days later collapsed and died by its partner’s side. The Elephants name was Damini.



They won a Canadian Independent Music Award for Favourite Group of the Year.




Have you ever felt you like you are an impostor in creating your art?

Try considering your impostor syndrome as a form of resistance. It is as if you have an internal critic and dream basher, always trying to bring you down. Writers are not the only ones who feel this way, all artists and creative people can feel uncertainty when they measure their work at times.

When you have low self-esteem, you doubt your talent. Resistance can hinder your creative passion and pursuit of your dreams.

Ash has had a hard time with resistance. His signature sunglasses were worn on stage because he had his eyes closed. He didn’t look at the audience for fear they would see through him and know he was not good enough.

“I wouldn’t leave my house without my sunglasses…I didn’t want you to see how I really felt about myself,” he has said.

Having past burdens and not dealing with them in a positive way, led to a lifestyle of drugs and not feeling his emotions for many years. In and out of psych wards and drug induced hazes, Ash finally decided to turn a new leaf.

In late 2013 after doing a ton of drugs, he came to the realization his life wasn’t satisfying, it was boring, he was unfulfilled, he felt empty and ashamed. He didn’t call his mom anymore. He wasn’t close to anyone. So, he decided to try something new.

USS a New Outlook:

By setting intention out there, good things started to happen, and a lot of doors started to open.

Altering his lifestyle to a more holistic, meditative, yoga inspired, to quiet his mind and reconnected with his dad and it has helped him work through his emotional weight. He decided to “de-Peter Pan” himself and took more responsibility in his life.

He reflected on his addiction to A Mother World, “I don’t glorify or demonize drugs. I do want to be a good role model in life.” He says, “I have a certain perspective of what I wish I could have been exposed to at an earlier age. It’s ok to grow up if you still have fun, it doesn’t mean you don’t become responsible, you can be responsible and have fun.”

USS – Advanced Basics 2014:

USS, Advanced Basics


2014’s Advanced Basics EP their 4th album, is a testament to their collective will. It also allowed them to tour with Hedley, Classified and Mother Mother.

To Ash, the album was a challenge and a blessing; it was cathartic for him to be ripped apart and get many of the songs off his heart and out of his mind. A form of insight gained through cognitive therapy hashed out in verse.

He allows for a heavenly melody in his songs because he understands it is how people relate. Everyone loves a sing-along.

The title Advanced Basics stems from “weaning yourself off every instant gratification and knowing that,” said Ash, “it’s going to be real simple, but it’s not going to be easy’”

The EP produced by Tawgs Salter found a gem with the hit This is the Best which reached #3 on the Canadian alternative charts; another fan favorite Yin Yang also reached #3.

Jason told the story of how the album formed to AMBLY. “Advanced Basics was actually started in 2012. It started with “This is the Best” where we were writing it then thought to each other “we’re going for it.”” He went on to say, “From there we were already so confident we’d have a release we’d all be proud of, and we kept the bar really high for ourselves.”

“When we served it to the public, everyone seemed to like it, and it was more the foundation of how Advanced Basics came to be.” Jason continues with “I’d have to say “This is the best” is one of the biggest highlights, it’s one of the biggest songs we’ve had in the last nine year Ash, and I have been together. It was the start of the process.”

“This is the Best”


The hit song “Yin Yang” came to be when their engineer “Mike threw this track at us, it hit us completely at random. It appealed to our senses, and it was natural to sit in the studio and figure the parts out.” He goes on to say, “Ash was in the booth being funny, and his joking around ended being the ‘All I, all I, all I, all I’ parts…The lyrics came from a place of serious and hilarious.”

“Yin Yang”


Jason finds what is “amazing about musical creation, is as long as your intentions are in the right place, I think anyone can create a song they like.” He reiterates, “Whether or not it becomes successful publicly is irrelevant as long as you’re happy and proud of what you create.”

They carefully melded rock and electronic dance music (EDM) with pop hooks capable of helping the band cross over to several audience segments on this album, and you can see the results of their efforts.

Although satisfying in many ways Advanced Basics was also “a stressed filled process. It wasn’t until I got the masters back that I truly had a smiling proud moment of ‘I can’t believe we did it and pulled this off!” Jason says the two had mixed vibes throughout the process and worked meticulously to try to follow up USS Approved. He said his inner circle felt this was their best album to date. “It is amazing how critical you can be of yourself and the process and not really realize you had the answers all along.”

“I’ve come to learn you are only as good as your next song,” Jason said to RIFF YOU, “You try to keep things coming from a natural and organic place, but at the same time, you’re questioning the material in your repertoire and what you have at your disposal.” He goes on to say, “nowadays with the music industry reshaping as we speak you still have to move with the times and keep your integrity intact.”
Touring brings them to campus shows, festivals, clubs, and other venues. They feel they enter unknown in many cases and leave with new fans each show.



“We know success is just patience, understanding, and an open mind,” Jason says. They are supportive of each other and commit to each other for the long hall. Whether entertaining crowds of 1000’s or in a small venue with only 20 people, they realize they are still on their way to their ultimate destination.

The progression of their first show in a bar in Stouffville, Ontario to performing at the Air Canada Center in Toronto is validating to Ash. “It’s vindicating because I stuck with something through thin and thicker and thinner, I just know I have a mission, duty, and simple, profound purpose now.”

In a better head space and committed to a new lifestyle, the band flourished, earning their first Juno nomination in 2015.



Using universal melody, Ash learned to develop his craft with many inspirations depending on what he is listening, ones like the Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran or even Enya. (I love this era of music, as I write this I am dancing in my chair). The band was also inspired by 90’s rap wars, giving the example of Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth’s “I Love Mary Jane” as an example of a dynamic duo in music.

“I Love Mary Jane – Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth”


“We’re very led by our influences.” Jason told The Wig,”Whether it is 80’s pop music, 90’s grunge, electronic dance music, hip-hop, we sort of threw it all into a hat from our different perspectives and sort of meet halfway.”

What have I learned from USS:

To new bands starting out, “Don’t be afraid of business,” advises Ash, “and don’t be a hater.”

Be kind and helpful to others.

Spread happiness and positivity around you.

Write your thoughts down.

Persist and not give up.

Rock stars can be wonderful people.

You can find USS here on Facebook, Instagram and here on Twitter.

Keep creating everyone and reach for your dreams!

Sam Roberts Band: Music is in our DNA

Sam Roberts Band, Terraform

As I mentioned in my first post, I love music and attend concerts regularly. This week is was the Sam Roberts Band.   My goal is to inspire you today with a story of how a musician named Sam Roberts set a plan in motion. With great Canadian determination, he’s made a lasting music career in rock & roll.

Have you ever connected with a song? Cried, laughed and just listen to it over and over?  When the spirit of music is wrapped up in a story, the message can be both heard and felt deep in your soul.  Sam Roberts tells a story with memorable melodies lasting forever in the hearts of Canadians.

I love lyrics represented with a story, and I’m drawn to artists who excel in verse. It’s hard to resist a Canadian rock & roll staple like the Sam Roberts Band.  They are magicians, out of Montreal, Quebec who weave lyrical melody and put on a kick-ass rock show.

Quoted via Exclaim Sam Roberts:

“Music isn’t just a passing fantasy for me.  It’s in your DNA revealed in the same way your skin and eyeballs are”.

 Sam Roberts Band

The Sam Roberts Band: Determination

The man, Sam Roberts, and his band have been on an evolving journey through our music universe.  A touring band mainly focused in Canada and the US.  They have connected with me in a big way.  Spreading inspiration, love and National pride with folk, rock and electronic infused albums for the last 15 years.

Bursting onto Canadian radio in 2002 with his lyrical tales and now recognizable guitar riffs.  Sam Roberts made a commitment to his art in 2001. He said, “Alright, now I am really going to live for music.”

The result: Six songs and the Best Independent selling album in Canadian history.

The success of this EP solidified Sam Roberts dreams of being a rock star.  He was given a chance after years of determination, showing up and keeping to his Canadian hard stance and vision of what he wanted his music to be.

“Someone else telling you what you’re living for
Been knocking you down, now you’re looking for more
The only sound you hear is a closing door”

– “Brother Down” – Sam Roberts

How did Sam Roberts succeed?

Sam Roberts‘ success started to take off when he took his music career seriously, and he wrote an album forever linked with the people of Canada.

The fighting spirit represented in Montreal’s way of doing things on their own terms. Influenced the driving force of the band. Sam Roberts stated in the Montreal Gazette “Rock & Roll offers salvation.”

Sam Roberts‘ journey shows when we commit to our creativity and our art, magic can happen.  By setting intention into the universe, in return, good things can happen tenfold.

Together since high school, the Sam Roberts Band consists of Dave Nugent on Guitar, Eric Fares on Keyboard/Guitar, James Hall on Bass, Josh Trager on Drums and the addition of Chet Doxas playing woodwinds.

The Sam Roberts Band performs at 2-3 University Frosh (student orientation) weeks every year.  He’s said these shows could be the first concert some kids have ever seen. They recognize the importance of connecting with the audience and fans.

Do you remember your first rock concert?  All these students can become life-long fans. Just like I am. I buy albums, concert tickets, t-shirts and promote the artists I love.  Whenever they release a new experience, I support them.

The Sam Roberts Band: My Experiences

Sam Roberts – Copps Collesium December 2002:

New Year’s Eve, 14 years ago in 2002, I had the privilege of witnessing Sam Roberts perform as the opening band for The Tragically Hip. It was my first rock concert in a big city after moving from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Hamilton, Ontario. (I had seen the Hip previously in 1996 at the Memorial Stadium.)

Sam Roberts had just released the hit EP The Inhuman Condition, with melodies forming a mystic and now recognizable folk and rock sound with guitar riffs hooking you from the beginning. We had the opportunity to hear a future piece of Canadiana have his start and ring in the New Year.

“Don’t Walk Away Eileen”


When I saw the stadium audience was having the same reaction as I was to the music.  The addictive melodies of songs like “Don’t Walk Away Eileen,” “Where Have All The Good People Gone” and “Brother Down.” I knew these guys would last in our music repertoire.

I don’t have a picture from 2002 because I didn’t have a smartphone with a camera back then. Derek, my partner in crime and site photographer, remembers we have film in a box somewhere. If we ever find it, I will update this post.

The Sam Roberts Band Massey Hall June 2011:

I was fortunate enough to see them live again at Massey Hall in Toronto in June 2011.  They were on tour for the album “Collider,” the first under the new Band name.

It was a very engaging show, the crowd was drawn in with the new perspective of this album.  You could tell the Band was growing, it wasn’t just the same repetitive sound.  It wasn’t just Sam Roberts anymore.  There had become a band, and they were experimenting with a more produced and rich sound.

It was a beautiful concert and Collider is one of my favorite albums.  I remember singing along to all their hits and falling in love with the new songs and sound.

There was such a rock show vibe with the rug on stage, their clothing, and the lighting.  It was neat to see the wind instruments on stage for the first time.

The Sam Roberts Band REBEL Toronto January 2017:

On Friday night, I was able to see them again at the Sound Academy – REBEL promoting their 6th album “Terraform.”


Sam Roberts Band, Terraform

(Photo Credit Derek Dunphy)

My thoughts on the Sam Roberts Band at REBEL:

VENUE for the Sam Roberts Band:

The concert was held at REBEL formerly The Sound Academy, and I was last there in 2005 when I saw SUM 41.

Parking $20 across the street, convenient.

Doors opened to a long lineup, SOLD OUT SHOW!

The renovation has now made the sound fantastic in the venue.

OPENING BAND for the Sam Roberts Band:

Hollerado is on tour promoting their new song “Born Yesterday.” They played fan favorites like “Americanarama” “Juliette,” “Fake Drugs” and “So it Goes.”  A band from Ottawa Ontario, they had a great energy and were really engaging with the crowd.

SYNOPSIS for the Sam Roberts Band:

Sam Roberts Band started the show off with a new song called “Rogue Empire,” and from the first note, the sound was perfect, in sync and as if I was listening to the album but only better!  If you have ever seen Sam play before you can tell he is meant to be on stage with a guitar and a mic.  Although he is a no bull shit rock star, he has a positive spirit and love for the sound they have created for us to enjoy.  It is infectious and brings the crowd together.  One big super aura of happy, positive vibes.

SET LIST for the Sam Roberts Band at REBEL:

The set list of songs with related Album:

  • Rogue Empire – Terraform
  • Shapeshifters – Lo-Fantasy
  • Human Heart – Lo-Fantasy
  • Tourist Trap – Terraform
  • Let It In – Collider
  • Detroit ’67  – Love At The End Of The World
  • Metal Skin – Lo-Fantasy
  • Where Have All The Good People Gone – We Were Born In A Flame

Here a quick snippet of the young Sam Roberts the video for “Where have all the Good People Gone”:


  • Lake Effect – Terraform
  • Bridge To Nowhere – Chemical City
  • Spring Fever – Terraform
  • Roll With The Spirits – Terraform
  • Fixed To Ruin – Love At The End Of The World
  • If You Want It – Terraform
  • Chasing the Light – Lo-Fantasy
  • FIEND – Terraform
  • We’re All In This Together – Lo-Fantasy
  • Hard Road  – We Were Born In A Flame
  • Uprising Downunder – Chemical City
  • Brother Down – We Were Born In A Flame


Here is another video of Sam Roberts in the video for “Brother Down”:

My overall impression of the Sam Roberts Band at REBEL:

The show was fabulous. The Sam Roberts Band get better and better every time you see them.  I have a hard time separating myself as a writer sometimes. To take a step back and take it all in. It’s hard because I dance and sing the whole time.  The intensity and groove of the live music project the band’s love of dance being infused into their music. I can’t help myself.

Sam did make a speech regarding our southern neighbors and the politics of the day.  His message encouraging us to show them how we are together and to spread our love just before they played “Where have all the good people gone?”.

Sam did give Matt Mays a “shout out” just before starting “Uprising Downunder” no luck this time and had to sing it solo.

“Uprising Downunder”


He closed with”Brother Down” and brought the house down.

“Merci Mes Amis!”

Final thoughts on the Sam Roberts Band at REBEL:

My only disappointment is they couldn’t play every song in their catalog.

How cool must it be to sit down and say ok what songs can we include on tour?  They now have enough of a backlist to have the choice between many hits.  The only thing is you may disappoint a fan because there is not sufficient time to please every favorite.  Rockstar problems.

I know everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to attend live shows like I do. I hope to use my life experiences to showcase the talent available.  Here is a rundown on the Sam Roberts Band, their new Album, a brief history and snippets of all their work for your enjoyment.

Sam Roberts Band: “Terraform.”

The introspective “Terraform” was recorded in Bath, Ontario at the Bathhouse recording studio owned by Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip.  It became a spiritual assembly of songs later produced by Graham Walsh of Holy F$%k to bring out the essence.

Written and recorded in under 5 months, Sam considers this record to be a lightning fast process compared to his other albums.  He revealed in it was as if “this batch of songs wanted to come out.”

Sam Roberts told the Montreal Gazetteevery record he makes “brings him to the brink and back, how far he can push himself and find a way back to the light.”

The unifying theme during the performance of the Sam Roberts Band on CBC in October 2016, is “there are parts of life which can feel broken at times and the realization there is a chance to renew…to begin again.”  It is a time of rebirth and renewal for the Band, a new opportunity to rewrite the rules.

“There goes the heartache
There go your mistakes
They’re gonna fade away”

– “Terraform” – Sam Roberts Band

My Experience of “Terraform”:

This idea of rebirth, renewal, and reinvention struck a cord with me because I have been on my own journey of self-discovery. Escaping the past by gaining perspective and learning to thrive again.

I have always listened to albums, not just songs.  There have been gems over the years, and I always listen to an album at least thirty times before I form an opinion.

“30 times?!?” you say!  It’s the sweet spot to where you start humming the songs not played on the radio. (I listen all day at work – for the time question, 🙂 )

I love the theme and story of “Terraform.”  Rising from the dark and reaching for the light.  The importance of having a family. Picking ourselves up and setting out with a positive look to the future.  The Spring bringing the rebirth of love and hope.

Dancing is also of importance to the album, and it makes me ecstatic because I am from a time before kids didn’t know how to dance to rock & roll! 🙂  Sam has been gradually infusing a groove dance beat into his albums and including his folk riffs throughout, Black Spark is an excellent example.

Sam Roberts Band “Terraform” Song Breakdown:


The album begins with “Terraform.”  It outlines the theme and story of the album.  Escape from the dying earth, rising from the ashes to start again.  It’s a chance to discover a new beginning.


If you are a fan of Sam Roberts, you know there will be love involved. The song FIEND doesn’t leave you disappointed showing us love is the constant binding us all together.  Both beautiful and ugly, yet destructive and healing.

FIEND is the story of two people trying to get through the thick and thin in life together.  He has been with his wife for 25 years, it is their journey of being through a lot.  “It takes a lifetime to know who we are!”


The video below is inspiring as it shows the behind the scenes creativity involved in music & video production.

“If you want it” is about an about a trip to hell and hopefully back again.

A great inspiration to young musicians to just sound it out and keep working.



Love can also sometimes spin a mysterious and shadowy web in both your heart and mind in the barroom stomp “Black Spark” with the guitar style recognizable of Sam Roberts.  I would call this a very sexy song.


“Roll with the spirits” is a perfect example of fear and the resistance I mentioned in my first post!

“You got magic on your mind, don’t you fear it?
When they tell you the sky’s the limit
It’s your piece of the pie, so live it” – “Roll with the Spirits.”

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A story in each verse reflecting our history and the importance of dance even in the face of disaster.  It brings us together, gives us hope and something to hold on when times get tough. Ritual Dance will have you moving and stomping your feet.


Tourist Trap and Roque Empire brings us back to the groovy, bluesy sound of Collider and the hope of a future with love.


Lake Effect is the salute to Canada and the Great Lakes.  It takes us through the seasons.  It is such a great song which builds us into a dance frenzy.


You can hear the influences of 80’s world music influences on the Band with The House Inside.


The album Terraform closes out with my favorite song Spring Fever. This song is about life bubbling back to the surface after the changing seasons. If it doesn’t get you moving, you must have cement in your shoes when it kicks in! “We’re on our way!”


The western leg of the “Terraform” Tour begins next week. Tour dates are below on my concert t-shirt, and tickets can be found on Ticket Master and on The Sam Roberts Band website.

Sam Roberts Band, Terraform

(Photo Credit: Derek Dunphy)


I’m going along for the ride and the evolution of the Sam Roberts Band.  Won’t you come along?

The Story of Sam Roberts:

A singer-songwriter, he was born to South Africa parents who moved to Westmount Quebec in the ‘70s. He grew up primarily in Point-Claire, Quebec.  Sam still takes violin lessons from the same teacher he did when he was 4 years old.  The same one who now also teaches his children. Sam Roberts revealed to Point 59, he forces his children to learn music as his parents did to him.  He knows they will thank him and believes everyone should learn instruments.  It’s his perspective as a dad.

Growing up Sam didn’t notice the difference in his upbringing from other kids until his parents bought him a Boston Bruins Jersey.  Growing up outside Montreal, he never lived it down.  His parents being from South Africa didn’t know any better!

He attended McGill and formed other bands with the same guys before going it on his own with his first release.  Even went as far as Los Angelas in the late 90’s to give it a chance.  With doors closing in his face, he returned to give it one more go.

The success was unexpected, and he didn’t use his best judgment when he first landed on the Canadian charts. Ill-informed and clinging to the mindset of selling out, he has lamented in an Exclaim interview.  He should have marketed and taken advantage of all the possibilities offered at the time and wishes he wasn’t so stubborn.  There were many opportunities, like licensing for TV shows, he turned down.

In the vein of Terraform, the Sam Roberts Band looks to renewal to regain those opportunities! They are well on their way!

You can find them here:


Sam Roberts Band Facebook Sam Roberts Band TwitterSam Roberts Band Instagram                   Sam Roberts Band youtube

The Backlist Music of the Sam Roberts Band:

The Inhuman Condition – 2002 EP:

In 2002 his first EP The Inhuman Condition was released.

Sam plays many instruments and is somewhat of a savant.  He played all the instruments himself on this first EP, and 2003’s We were Born on a Flame.

He recorded a song a day to produce the breakout EP, a secret weapon used by his management at Maple Records.  It wasn’t how he intended his first release to be made, but he couldn’t turn down the chance.

He didn’t expect it to blow up on Canadian Radio.

Veterans of the Montreal music scene in a time before The Arcade Fire.  It was only when Gord Downie urged Sam Roberts out of his self-imposed bubble did Sam realize he should grow his reach.  He needed to relate and connect to the entire country and the regions surrounding it, not just Montreal.

Sam admitted he would only venture as far as Halifax for the music scene during Sloan’s era, takes me back :). Sam decided to pack up and asked his high school band to go on tour with the Hip.  Earning them a front row seat to witness another type of magic from established mentors.


We Were Born In a Flame – 2003:

Released by Universal in 2003, his debut album “We were Born in a Flame” won Juno’s for Artist, Rock Album, and Album of the year.

Sam Roberts was on his way.

Chemical City – 2006:

Sam when on to release “Chemical City” in 2006.

“Bridge to Nowhere” winning video of the year in 2007:





Love At The End of World – 2008:

In 2008’s “Love at the End of the World” was the last album to be released under Sam Roberts.

He has said it was a process in the making, he likes having the guys around. Every time he toured they would get together and become a band again.

One year they went to South Africa, and they started to create music together in the studio instead of Sam Roberts doing it all himself. The album won 2009 Juno’s for Album and Rock Album of the year.

“Them Kids” Video:

Collider – 2011:

Now acting as a whole and taking their mission very seriously as a Band. “Collider” is their first album under the new Sam Roberts Band name.  It was recorded in Chicago away from their homes in Montreal and has a bluesy vibe.  Sam wrote the album in his basement.  He says it is an “honest reflection of how life can shift from one place to another.”

The cover of the album is a particle collision, and Sam compares it to the band’s relationship to music. “I write a song, and then we come together like a smashing together of ideas to create something new, and it doesn’t always turn out as I thought or intended the songs to be.  We discovered a way to make accidents look cool, to be open and to just let it happen.”

The first song they recorded was “Streets of Heaven, ” and it was their biggest departure from their previous work.  He replaced the folk riff with a groove oriented dance beat.   He built the entire record around that one song, one idea based on rhythm. It has a strong rhythmic identity, with songs about different things.

The album was nominated for a Juno for Rock Album of the year in 2012.


I love the song “I feel you,” how can you resist anything concerning the late great Leonard Cohen, bless his soul.


“Last night I dreamt that Leonard Cohen
Handed me a bag of money
See my Achille’s Heel was showing
But I didn’t find it funny
He said, “Beware of those who might steal from you.”
But I feel you
Yeah I feel you”

– “I Feel You”, Sam Roberts Band

Lo-Fantasy – 2014:

2013 brought a change for the Sam Roberts Band.  By hiring a new producer for their next album genre-bending “Lo-Fantasy.” Martin Glover (YOUTH) of Killing Joke and is the bassist of The Firemen with Paul McCartney.

Opening themselves up to new experiences with YOUTH. They also choose Dave Bascombe to mix the album and has worked with Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Santigold.




The process of handing over the reins and letting someone else have control of the outcome of the album became a challenge and growth experience.

Sam felt he didn’t have to explain concepts to YOUTH, he had worked with many of the bands, the inspiration came from.

The only issue, YOUTH did not like anything they had planned before beginning recording.  The Sam Roberts Band went in the doors of a local Montreal studio and came out each day in a daze as to what their album was going to become. The album was recorded in 12 days, but it took a year and a half to write.

The idea of what they had planned being hijacked by the producer, drew out their spontaneity and creativity in the studio. They strive to learn from every album and consistently draw upon experiences to push themselves. It can become a trial and error process at times.

The result, 2014’s Lo-Fantasy, is a different sound for the band. You can hear the influences in the mixing and production.  There is an electronic feel to many of the songs.

It turned into a dynamic record. The anthem “We’re all in this together” has become a staple played at Canadian hockey games and on television during Hockey Night in Canada.

“We’re All In this Together.”



Sam Roberts says he “believes the key to the band’s longevity is their steadfast enthusiasm to stick to their artistic guns and consistently work to make their music better while still delivering it with a sense of urgency and spontaneity.  Each record loosens the grips of others expectations and their own.”

Counting the Days – 2014 EP

In 2014 the Sam Roberts Band released the EP Counting The Days.  The song “Broken Teeth” became a montage for the Canadian team at the Olympics.

The music of the Sam Roberts Band has been evolving over their last few albums, Sam has been influenced by artists all over the charts.  From Paul Simon, Bruce Springfield, Beck, and Elvis Costello, to Men at Work, his favorite.

CLOSING THOUGHTS on the Sam Roberts Band:

Sam Roberts likes the way it feels every time they release a new album. It’s as they are always starting over. Not everyone knows them, and they are always hunting for new faces in the crowd.

They intentionally look forward and not backward to what was or may have been.  This forward goal oriented thinking carries over into who they work with, where they work and what kinds of songs they write.

Being innovative and the importance of discussing as a unit; ambitions and goals benefitting the band.

What have the Sam Roberts Band Learned?

Sam Roberts says they still have YOUTH on their shoulders and will carry on the serious groove they have developed in their music.  The future is bright, and they won’t limit themselves to one type of music.  They’ve earned the scope and breadth of the variety in their music.

The band has a deep connection, and they look forward to playing a lifetime together.  The telepathic moments of Terraform will continue for many years to come.  They will keep evolving I imagine, it’s what makes them real artists, you can’t stay in one place with creativity.

As the Sam Roberts Band are now heading on their western leg of the Terraform tour via Detroit, Michigan. The city is featured in one of my favorite songs “Detroit ’67.” Here’s a look at the video with its lyrical mastery.


Detroit ’67 Lyrics:

“I went walking at street level
Feeling strange and disheveled
Past the abattoir and the glory holes
Like a film noir, in the starring role

To the side streets, kept my nose clean
Tasted beautiful, tasted obscene
Singing, “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh oh oh
Oh-oh-oh oh oh oh oh.”

This is Detroit, see the skyline
A commotion on the assembly line
Raise a glass to the Ambassador
As she’s moving you to the dance floor

Does anyone here tonight remember those times?
Can anyone here tonight just tell me what they felt like?

So many years, so many lives
These are the streets where they collide
From Jimmy Hoffa to Cadillac
Some lookahead, I’m going back
‘Cause I’m just looking for some sounds
To ease the vice that squeezes us every day

This was Motown, this was New France
Where the Chippewa did the fire dance
That was long ago, this is here and now
But the memory still remains somehow

Singing, “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.”

I can’t tell you how this old story ends
I can’t touch you now like they did back then
Past the child’s play with the jump rope
Hear the gun play, it’s a tightrope

Does anyone here tonight remember those times?
Can anyone here tonight just tell me what they felt like?
Does anyone here tonight remember those times?
Somebody call the riot police, there’s trouble down on 12th Street”

– “Detroit’67” – Sam Roberts

How we can learn from Sam Roberts?

What I have learned from Sam Roberts in my research?

Be daring and confident in overcoming insecurities. Use them to your advantage.  Sam said in Aux.Tv “Even after all 16 years, I am not immune to the critical opinion of others…Insecurity is a vital ingredient in the creative process.  Mix it with a sense of adventure.”

Set deadlines and goals. Sam Roberts has 3 kids, he is a rock star who says he now creates during the hours of 9:30 to 3:30 pm.  It is his time to shine, not 3 am like the old days.

“For a long time I bought into you shouldn’t write music unless the conditions are right.  Not anymore….I’ve been playing music my whole life and honestly there is nothing like having a deadline to work towards.  It is far better than waiting for the spark.  Not to make the songwriting process less romantic.  There is still history and wonder, just more on a regime.”


What I learned from Sam Roberts’ regarding creativity?

Let creativity happen.  You have to be open to failing and things not always going right.  If you stick to your vision and mission, even if you follow in the wrong direction, you can gain from this experience, and sometimes it can lead to things you never expected.

Change it up.  Fill your creative juices with experiences, people, and places.  Sam never does an album at the same location.  He is always looking forward to learning and drawing on inspiration everywhere.

Try different things to keep the creative need fulfilled.  Sam Roberts told The Varsity “It’s hard to get anything done when you feel like there is this big part of you that feels unfulfilled” in referring to University when all he wanted to was make music.  Laughing each day when he thinks about how lucky it is to be able to do what he loves with his friends.

Keep creating to make room for new inspiration.  But also to gain more creative intellectual property assets. Taking an example from Sam’s regrets in not taking the opportunities offered to him more seriously during his debut success, learn from his mistakes.  He is now continuing to build creative intellectual property rights with his music with new albums and videos, adding to his legacy. His children will benefit from his music for many years to come.

The more opportunities and streams of income created through licensing and contracted rights the more profits can be earned.  Keep your sights forward and on the long term gain, not the short term satisfaction.  Even if it is hard work, it is worth the effort, in the end, to benefit from your work in many ways over a quick fix.

What did I learn from Sam Roberts regarding inspiration?

Aspire for more.  Not necessarily fame and fortune. But something else, something more.  Sam Roberts says as the Band gets better, “they get hungrier, and they want something different.”  To me it is as if they release the songs from their souls, leaving room for something new to be created.  1 album or 1 book is not going to cut it.  Keep creating to add to your body of work.

Keep learning. We can be inspired by the least expected things.  Keep striving to improve and learn from others and from different avenues.

Sam Roberts’ advice on using our platforms?

Use your voice.  If you have a platform and your voice can impact people’s lives, use it.  Sam brings awareness of our history, our pride, and current issues in Canada and the world.  Just like Gord Downie of The Hip and Gordon Lightfoot before him.  He also brings a message of spreading love and kindness.


The Sam Roberts Band: The story in his own words:

Sam Roberts via The Varsity: “When we were kids growing up it was ‘Yeah, I want to be in a band. I want everyone to know who I am.  That’s what’s important.  And then it didn’t happen for a long time.  By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I was like I don’t care if I play for 50 people I just want to play music.  So just give me the chance.  Then it became desperate, and it’s like ‘Just gives me the chance to play and I’ll show you that I can do something worthwhile.’

Finally, we get an opportunity, and we get a song on the radio and tour with the biggest band in Canadian history.  ‘What are you going to make of this?’ Okay, it’s going to be hard.  Just because you have the chance it doesn’t mean it’s going to work.  And we’ve spent 10 years figuring out how to hold onto it, but still, thrive, be creative, and still grow as people and musicians.  That’s why we are so engaged, always ‘What’s the next record? And how can it be better than the last one.’

My Takeaway:

Expect the unexpected and don’t take anything for granted kids! 😉

Don’t give up, persistence is key.

Keep learning and strive to be consistent with your work.

Aspire to grow and keep perfecting your craft.

Most of all, be kind to others and spread the love!💜



Keep creating everyone and reach for your dreams!  Next week: USS

Dreams: Reviving your Creative Passion

Do you ever feel like you need to pursue your dreams and reignite your creative passion?



finding yourself, creativity, starting a blog

Have you ever dreamed you could change your story?


Set it on a different course, modify the plot, and restart?

finding yourself. finding your passion, starting a business

Are you stifling your dreams to create something from your own imagination and ideas?

With everything we have to worry about on a daily basis, taking the time to follow our dreams and reach our full potential is such a small tip of the pile. Our jobs, families, and relationships with friends, always seem to take precedence over following your dreams.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs pyramid shows the Esteem and Self-actualization as the tiers of the triangle.


We only choose to allocate a small portion of time towards a sense of achievement.  It seems we spend even less time towards realizing our full potential or self-actualization, if ever at all.

At the end of the day, there is not much time to pursue our grand dreams.  Our passions to become writers, artists, musicians, or entrepreneurs.

I sincerely believe in creating something of your own and sharing it with others.  It is imperative to figuring out who you are and what it is you are truly meant to do in life.

Without pursuing a greater ambition and filling these needs, you often feel incomplete.  You waste time in needless or aimless pursuits. When you allow fear to take over, you may never attempt to follow your dreams at all.

Resistance can rear its menacing head in terrible ways like substance abuse.  It can also lead to time-consuming things like watching too much television or playing too many video games.

 Steven Pressfield’s book “The War of Art”  has great insight on how to overcome the resistance of creative ambition, and is helpful in changing your mindset in becoming a pro at achieving your dreams.


I’ve felt very lost and without a purpose in recent years. Not knowing why, I spent a lot of time changing things in my life like jobs, houses, my health, interests, and ambitions. Although I learned things like Reiki and accomplished things like hiking over 600 km of the Bruce Trail. I was still constantly searching for something missing in my life.


Although we can grow tremendously as a person trying to fill this missing piece.  We can at times temporarily fill it with excitement, making the hole smaller with new loves and interests.

My dream was to create something of my own. Something which I could one day make a living and feel accomplished.

When we find our creative outlets, we can grow and in turn reach our full potential by helping others reach theirs.

I may be late to the party when I decided to become a blogger. But what I discovered is—the party is only beginning!

The online world of blogging and e-commerce is diverse. Anyone who has a dream and is willing to work hard to build a brand has a chance to become successful.

If you are consistent, have great content, great ideas, and helpful services or products the opportunity to succeed is ample.

People love superheroes, and I thought maybe I could create my own alter ego: Accountant by day and inspired blogger by night!  One who helps all my creative friends reach their dreams.

Providing a community of creative energy which connects people. A place of positivity and personal artistic growth, providing the best inspiration to help others reach their goals.

Would you like to have freedom from creative resistance?

Is there a new idea in your mind just begging to be promoted to the world?

Do you wish you had guidance from someone who is also trying to reach their creative potential like you?

Here’s my story on how I found myself, got my passion back and started to see my dreams were possible:

A few months ago I decided to pursue my childhood love of writing.  I’ve been pondering a Fantasy book series in my mind for a while, and I knew it was meant to come out.

Over the years I was creative, dabbling in many forms from art to music.  I never took them seriously as a career, they were not promoted as lucrative and stable choices.

They say you are supposed to get a job, a house, 2.5 kids, and a picket fence.  As a result, you don’t have time to pursue self-discovery.

Do you find the decision hard to take a chance on your dream?

Allowing yourself to be passionate about a dream can sometimes be hard.  It is something which seems frivolous to others in the grand scheme of things.

I wanted to take my writing seriously, but things got in the way.  Somedays I would dabble at the time and then leave it unattended for months.

For months I was having trouble focusing at work and took a Myers Briggs type personality test a friend suggested.  The results prompted me to pursue my dreams and reach my full potential.

Finding out I am an INFP, Introverted, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver supported my decision to follow my dreams. My personality leans towards being creative and writing, or careers of helping and encouraging others to succeed.

Although I always knew I was creative, something just clicked inside me. I decided to stop thinking about writing a book and take it seriously.  I was going to become an author. Done deal.

Once I gave myself permission to pursue a dream, saying it was okay to spend time researching and writing, it was incredible. The ideas and drive just kicked in and honestly hasn’t stopped.

I found my passion and my joy, and when you feel this way, you only want to help others find their path to the same kind of fulfillment and spread it around.

When you get to follow your dreams and what you love to do, you can’t help but want others to find theirs too.

My books were inspired by my love of crystals, and their energy properties. Crystals and their healing properties, help me create, stay grounded, and be inspired.  They help me fall asleep, stay asleep all night and remember my dreams.  Most of all, they keep me balanced. My home and workspace are surrounded by them.

The book, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall inspired me to created the world and plot for my book series. Crystals were the inspiration for many of my ideas and themes.

Crystals have various attributes.  They are used in healing and metaphysical practices, which inspired many great story ideas in my imagination.

All set ready to go, my passion returned. I declared myself a WRITER and purchased fantastic writing software called ScrivenerIt’s a fantastic writing software, I recommend it to every writer, author, blogger and project planner.

Story structure, characters arcs, plot, setting and theme. I was all over it and the happiest I’ve been in a long time.

Learning about the craft of writing and what it takes to become an author.

The more I learned about writing, the more my passion ignited. Taking the time to improve and search for direction and insight helped tremendously in my confidence.

I suggest subscribing to the podcast Helping Writers become Authors with KM Weiland for helpful writing advice. Check out her blog and writing craft books on Outlining and Structuring your Novel.









My joy had returned. I even wrote my first ever piece for public consumption in a post on Medium about it.  A Facebook writing group called the Ninja Writers run by the website “What is a Plot” prompted me to write this post.  Something I would never have done at the time without support.

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Then something happened to put a huge kink in my plan.  My dreams were about to get bigger.

As passionate as I was about writing, there’s a whole other level of things you need to know about becoming an author.

An overload of information sidetracked me from writing fiction and concentrating on my character interviews.

I discovered the online world in which writers have to exist to become successful authors.

Writing books and learning a craft is one challenge in itself.

But understanding online business and marketing for someone who has never done anything similar became a commitment to spending time learning something new.

The first month of writing introduced me to a new world I never dreamed existed.

When I learned about self-publishing, I realized there is no need to depend on a publishing house or an agent like traditional routes.  We have the ability to create and publish whatever we choose online.  The possibilities are endless!

I owe this enlightenment to Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn, her journey of self-publishing and becoming an online entrepreneur has laid the foundation for many independent authors.

She is a big inspiration to me and thousands of others.  I suggest reading her author focused books if you have any inkling even tiny, she’ll get your juices going with plans and goals.

She has been on this path and has paved the way with insightful information.  This includes marketing,  publishing and how to achieve success with the business side.  This is the kind of mindset needed to become a successful author.

We all need adoptive mentors, someone you can aspire to emulate.  Someone following their dreams inspires you to follow yours too.

The Creative Penn podcast and blog content inspired me.  It made me realize, as long as I took writing seriously, invested time and spent a little in editing and covers, I can publish my books and control all my copyrights.

Owning and having control over your creative assets allows you to:

  • Benefit from your work; not someone else like a publisher.
  • Earn profits from your work during your lifetime, and for 70 years after your death,

Having control over the rights to how and where your worlds and characters are used is essential to growing an author brand and can become a lasting legacy for your family.


My books have a mystical setting and dynamic attached to them. I can see the potential.  The merchandise which could be created around the character and world could be endless.

Print on demand for many products not only books allows for anything you can imagine to come to life. Now we have 3D printing, a very exciting technology with unlimited possibilities in product creation.

Do you realize the potential in what is now affordable to create and attach to your brand? I dream about it at night and wake up with new plans and ideas.

You never know when something will take off, become huge with movie or television rights coming into play. Franchises like The Hunger Games or Game of Thrones.  Harry Potter, 20 years and still pumping out new avenues of income for J.K Rowling. Those are grand ambitions for someone starting out like me, but sometimes you don’t have control over those things, they can take on a life of their own.

If I were ever fortunate enough to have something happen on an epic scale, by owning all rights to my work and worlds, I would benefit in the fullest from their success.

For your work to become the success you dream, it has to be seen!

Traditional publishing does not promote your work for you.  Unless you are Stephen King or J.K Rowling, there will be no television appearances on talk shows or massive promotional campaigns. Publishers will not do this for new authors, period.

I have read they will even ask how big of an author platform you have.


Wait, what?

I need a website? Yup, and not only a website, but a platform also includes:

Publishers now want to know how many followers you have, how big of an email list you have. It is expected of new authors to be building their audience on their own time.

It doesn’t matter if you want to self-publish or traditionally publish, every author has to be building a fan base to promote their work.

If self-promotion is required when you are an author in the publishing industry, I thought:

“Wouldn’t there be similarities in these issues in other creative industries, like musicians, artists, photographers, and other freelancers?”


All creatives need Social Media platforms to get their name out. It’s where your audience hangs out and a place you can approach them with your books and other work.

But what I didn’t plan on is the need to direct this traffic to a website. Think of Social Media and Pinterest as the conduits which lead those who interact to your main web page, which is your identity, or your brand.

Social Media are incredible platforms to access thousands and in some cases millions of people who are interested in what you have to say or offer. Although it is a wonderful way to gain fans and a potential audience, you may not always reach those fans when you have something of importance to say.

You cannot guarantee your Twitter or Facebook following will go to your blog and check it out when you post a link.

Promoting yourself and using Social Media effectively can gain you a following.

Directing whatever traffic you have from your Social Media to your website allows for you to build trust with your audience and make them aware of your brand and what you have to offer.

It allows you to present them with a valuable piece of information and engage with them through your online community in the comments section.

Your audience should want to join a mailing list and groups by appreciating what they have learned and hopes to learn from and experience another beautiful post.

Having an email list is a fundamental component to having direct contact with your fans.

With no guarantees of reaching every fan on Social Media, your email list is the #1 way to speak directly to your audience.

When your audience has given you permission to send them helpful information by providing their email.  It makes you have a much higher likely hood of your audience opening and reading your message. Hopefully, your fans will take action and like your recommendations.

Where Social Media only has a 6% organic reach, especially with algorithms and Smart Feeds, email sent directly to an inbox has a 40-45% open rate. That is quite a significant difference when you want to get a message to your fans.

If you are serious about turning your dreams into reality. You have to establish an online presence and create your platform.

First start by turning your website into a business; purchase a domain and have your site hosted.

Owning your domain name and website allows you to have control of your platform.  This is an asset if used to its full advantage. Your site and its content can become valuable in itself due to the email list it has earned.

You can host your website through hosts like BlueHost. Use WordPress and the free plugins included to set up all the fantastic features available.

I became serious about writing when I purchased my domain and decided to be a blogger when I did so.

My web page was set up by using these services. It is a little intimidating if you have never created a web page before, but BlueHost provides assistance and setup packages if you need them.

Over the last month, I have been getting acquainted with my social media accounts and figuring out all this website stuff. I’m starting to establish a cohesive image of what I want my name and brand, Adele Walsh Blog, to represent.

Using my name as my domain was planned because I dream of becoming an author.

A domain name can be whatever you want it to be. Have fun and showcase your talents!

Check out other websites, be creative, and think about your brand and how your audience will find you. Try using something relevant to what you plan to promote.

There are free services like Mail Chimp you can use to collect email addresses and you can implement more sophisticated email send-outs for when people sign up to your email list.

My website will evolve. My color schemes and branding may change in the future as I become a better photographer and graphic artist on my journey.

Creating images for pins on Pinterest, social media pictures and banners for websites is also something you have to learn if you want to become successful with your online presence.

Being an amateur with graphic creation, I love Canva for my images. It has pre-sized templates for all social media and many other common types of marketing. I hope to share a few templates already set up for Canva to help you start out.

Images and videos are relevant to garner interest. Audiences will click on posts in feeds that have an image that draws their attention.

They may not have been looking for the subject at the time, but an image can make them read the headline and click further.

Great headlines are key, for interest and SEO, excuse-SEO what?

Yes, having an online blog or business requires you to understand SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

These keywords are the “key” to be discovered on Google and Pinterest. I have learned a lot from Melyssa Griffin in regards to SEO and how to use it effectively. Check out her site, showcases the incredible potential for bloggers and the businesses they create.

“But how do I build an audience if I do not have anything to promote yet?”


What makes a website successful and gather traffic is the content provided. It all comes down to great content. Useful, helpful content, you don’t have to be promoting anything in particular at first.

You are ultimately promoting yourself, gaining trust and introducing your audience to the great information on your website.

What makes great content?

There are thousands of fabulous websites about every topic imaginable. Especially about writing and blogging.  Not knowing what I wanted to provide on my website made me realize; I needed to find a niche.

I also needed to find my voice. Voice comes with practice and it can be helpful to imagine your ideal audience member and speak directly to them to find your niche.

And just who is this type of person I am trying to reach?

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. Is my ideal audience member someone like me?

Someone trying to find their purpose and fill a need lacking in their lives?

I hope if they find me and can relate to what I am saying, it inspires or encourages them to write or pursue their art or creative ambitions.

If it’s a creative person searching for someone to prompt them to take action and turn their idea into reality. I hope I could inspire them to pursue their dream.

If my future success can be a roadmap or warning hazard on what to do or not do in creating an online business, I would regard it as a noble profession and legacy.

So, I have spent the last two months digging deep and figuring out what I want to say.  Deciphering my message to this creative and ambitious person willing to take a risk on an online business.

What is my mission? How can I help others with my blog?

What do I hope to achieve with my voice?

It starts with a mission statement. If I stick to my mission when I write my posts and always keep it in mind, my blog will have a clear focus and hopefully find its niche.

“I feel it is my mission to use a story to connect with others.  It is my dream to inspire them to find joy in their lives. I want to encourage everyone to be true to themselves and pursue a life of their own design.”



Whatever creative idea or pursuit they love to do, create, and envision.

Promoting your thoughts and dreams is possible.  You can reach out to others who are doing the same. Connecting to those who are interested in what you are bringing to life is important.

You can grow your brand online. It is possible to promote your products and services and show others how to as well.

The online world of e-commerce and marketing is increasing, and the potential is enormous. A growing number of people are gaining access to the internet every year. I feel that whatever you can imagine can become possible if you promote and grow your audience online.

Social Media, Pinterest, Amazon, iTunes, Etsy, and other platforms; if you have something to promote there is a place to reach and sell products online.

So what do you love to do?

What can we use to bring love and joy to our lives? How can it help to inspire others?

How can we create a life of our dreams? A life we have designed and love to wake up to each day.

I love to write, collect crystals, go to concerts and take pictures. Writing, crystals, lyrics, and images move me. I connect with them.  Encouraging others to find themselves and find their passion is something I hope to do along the way.

My books will have a theme of connection. The journey I am taking to become an author is also about connecting. I have to connect to my characters and showcase them in a world which my audience grows to love.

Bloggers gain an audience when they connect with the blogger’s voice and topic.  If you are always striving to learn new things, there will always be something to write about and teach your audience.

If a topic has been discussed before, it doesn’t mean a unique spin can’t be found.  There is always a new tip to be provided or a new audience member to inspire. Whatever you dream or create can be shared with others, and there are always new methods to reach new visitors.

Showing others how to do something you love will always shine through, and people will connect with your authentic voice. It is very hard to be fake if you love what you do.

In what ways can I mentor someone who feels it is their mission to bring their words, music or their vision to the world?

How can I inspire your creative dreams?

Everything I read about marketing and promotion is new to me. With this being my first blog, I will only provide content to inspire.

If I discover there are other great resources available, I will curate and provide links to allow my readers to learn from them as well.

In connecting with my audience through my blog, I hope to draw out their inner creative voice and motivate them to flourish from their ideas.

By adding value to your ambitions, I hope to encourage you to take a leap into the online world of self-promotion and entrepreneurship.

Whether you are an author, blogger, musician, or photographer, you have to connect with your fans.

I have found it helpful to look up to successful people who have come before me. To see how they connect with their audiences.

As I adopt mentors and learn as much as I can, I suggest you find mentors in your areas of interest. Learn from their success and avoid their follies.

What platforms do they use?

Are you able to learn from the content they provide?

How often do they reach out?

Connecting with others is such a significant component of the online world, I plan to blog about creative entrepreneurs and how they connect with their audience, from their humble beginnings to their massive successes.

By analyzing what I see them doing, I will look to them as case studies to learn new and creative ways to promote our work.

“In what ways do you feel you best connect with your audience? What types of promotion work best for you?”

-Adele Walsh – “Interviewer” 🙂

I have lofty ambitions, with music being one of my loves. Where I attend 20 or more concerts a year, I hope to one day interview some of my idols.

Fingers cross and bravery on my part to reach out and ask artists I admire for an interview.  It’s a huge dream and goal for me.

I don’t anticipate being on the cover of the Rolling Stone for playing music, maybe I can write the headline and story…rein yourself in Adele! As I said lofty ambitions, but it’s ok because dreams make you try harder. 🙂

Everyone loves a story and most of all we love stories of how others overcome obstacles and succeed. Those types of stories can inspire us to believe our ideas are worth pursuing.  We believe we can achieve success as well.

It can inspire us to take action and seriously promote our work online.

Musicians and authors inspire me. The insight I gain into how they connect with their audience will allow my voice to be authentic.  I will always write my posts with love.

“Love begets love. Most of all, if I love what I am writing, hopefully, others will love it too.”


I hope to use my voice as a blogger to help others follow their dreams. Aspiring others with joy and a hope of a brighter future for their lives.

The ability to have creative control, a huge platform and to grow a brand is exciting to me, and I hope to pass this excitement on.

When you interact and form a bond with your audience, the more likely they will support you. They will be there for you when a new project, book, blog or album is about to launch because they are connected to you.

Trust is important when it comes to connecting with others.

Your audience has to feel you are providing them with valuable information.

If you deliver helpful content on a consistent basis, your audience will trust your opinion and advice. Your fans will believe in you for them to allow your promotions in their inbox.  They will be open to supporting your business.

When you gain the audiences confident, it paves the way to offer valuable products or services to purchase. It won’t offend your audience when you contact them during a new launch.  Remember the 80-20 rule.  80 percent of the time offer free valuable information, and the remaining 20 percent can be for your marketing.

People relate and have become accustomed to learning and absorbing information as stories.

I relate to blogs, books, and lyrics when they touch me through emotion and story.  The ability to tell a story is so important to me.  It made me want to become a writer. Telling a story is how I communicate and how I connect to others. I wrote a post on Medium on how much story is relevant to the world, as it is to me.

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I hope to discover and share with others, the endless stories and possibilities of success in the online world of creativity. We can learn together how others use the online world of commerce to live out our creative dreams.

Encouraging others to reach for their creative dreams.

It’s something I can see myself waking up to every day.

The tools available today for bloggers and entrepreneurs will only become more and more efficient and valuable. These tools allow us to promote our businesses and brands across multiple platforms. We can now reach millions of people from anywhere in the world.

The only platform you actually own is your website and email list. Using the best methods and approaches to growing its reach is the number one goal of promoting your brand.

It is hard work and takes commitment and a lot of organization.  You have to make sacrifices and decide what priorities stay.  Some things have to take a shelf for you to commit fully to making your business work.

I want to be happy with what I do for a living.  The freedom to make choices and design a life of my own vision is exciting.

My kink is now unraveling, and I have a plan to schedule writing a book and blogging my journey.

Taking the first step was the scary part.  Following through will be my desire to make it happen.

With time and persistence, anything is possible.  There are resources available for all of us to earn a living online.

My wish is to live a life of my own creation. A life where I can work from anywhere in the world. Wanting to become an author is something possible and allows for this type of ambition. Having a successful website is also possible if you have something valuable to offer.

How can I help you on your journey?

I plan to use my voice to tell stories about how other artists started out.  To show successful strategies and how platforms help to connect them to their audiences.

When I find useful information, succeed at strategies, and learn from others; in turn, I will share it with you.

I hope to bring value to your lives by encouraging your creative dreams and fostering the freedom to pursue them.

It is my dream to inspire others to take a look inside and reach for your creative ambitions!

Thanks for reading!

My next post will be on Sunday, I hope to discuss what I learn from The Sam Roberts Band.  They play the Sound Academy in Toronto on Friday, hope to have a few pictures for you.

If you found this post inspired your own creative dreams, follow my journey!  Post a comment below, join my mailing list and follow my social media accounts.


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