5 Characteristics of a Scorpio

I’m super excited to welcome Amanda from Cosmic Positivity to the Adele Walsh Blog! This month we take a look at Scorpio, their personality as well as their perfect love match. We’ll also see what interests them most, their favorite colors and ideal food choices.

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Everything seems more at ease when you understand your birth traits and those of the people closest to you. Shopping for birthdays is also easier when you understand each other.

We all have a special Scorpio in our lives. Why not get a unique gift for their birthday this year. Here are a few Zodiac gift ideas for the Scorpio on your list.

Items like this beautiful Zodiac Journal or Zodiac Trinket Dishes from Anthropologie make great gifts for your Scorpio friends.










I love the vegan leather of the Zodiac Journal and the handcrafted designs of the Zodiac trinket dishes. 

Shannon of Cosmic Positivity gives more insight about the Scorpio among us. 

Scorpio and the Zodiac – October 23 to November 21.

5 Characteristics of Scorpio, Zodiac, Astrology

Today begins the Scorpio season! It’s a beautiful time to be a Scorpio! Let’s celebrate what makes you special!

A Scorpio’s Personality

Scorpio Personality, Zodiac, Astrology, MysteriousScorpios, the most seductive and sensual of the zodiac sign, are filled with a great range of emotion. They are passionate, combative, obsessive and unfortunately at times self-destructive. Scorpios are incredibly intelligent human beings. They can be extremely profound at times, highly intuitive and sometimes a little manipulative.  This allows them to be great strategists as well.

You may find Scorpios are mysterious creatures. As much as they are passionate and almost larger than life, they can also be very secretive, especially when dealing with inner conflicts. They love to push themselves as far as they can go, without giving up their control. This makes it hard for them to admit defeat when it happens.  

This sign is an all or nothing sign. Once they are in a relationship, on a project or have a goal in mind, they are in it to win it. Scorpios may be overzealous (which is a good thing), but their temper is on the same level.  They will fight till the bitter end to get what they want, or they will go out swinging.  There is no middle ground for a Scorpio, it is just black or white. They either get what they want or they don’t.

A Scorpio in Love

Virgo in Love, Zodiac Characteristics

Scorpios were made to rule the bedroom and when two of them get together, their passion in the bedroom will keep them together forever. They are a beautiful combination. What is interesting with the Scorpio- Scorpio combination is that even though Scorpios are just more dominant in general, it is the Scorpio woman who will sometimes happily take the subordinate role. Scorpios are very possessive but are also incredibly sentimental. They will keep you on your toes!  It may not always be easy to love them.  Since they have a tendency to be self-critical and self-destructive at times, it is best to give them a bit of space, but let them know that you are always there for them.

If you are looking to seduce a Scorpio male, you need to be seductive and vampy. Don’t be trashy, but definitely amp up the sex appeal. Wear those high heels, garters and short skirts. Don’t be easy though, and make him work for it.  Make sure you are a strong-willed person, or else they will mistake you for submissive and walk all over you.  Scorpio males are extremely loyal, and generally, dominate in the relationship.

Scorpio women already have a seductive nature. She also appreciates a strong man. You best be determined, and strong-willed and fight for her if you are to have any chance to get with her.  If she smiles at you, you are golden, because she only smiles when she means it.  Once you have her, she will be 100% loyal to you and the life that you build together.

If you are wanting to break up with a Scorpio, I offer you two pieces of advice. The first is to be completely honest with them. That is your best bet. The second is to have a quick and easy exit strategy ready to go for after the breakup because Scorpios have a temper like no other!

What Interests a Scorpio?

Scorpio, Zodiac, Astrology, Interests, CompetitivenessScorpios especially love activities that require a bit of competitiveness.  They focus on games with strategy, or physical competitions such as racing (run, bike, drive etc). They also like to use their brains when it comes to activities, so a lot of Scorpios will choose scientific hobbies,  learn topics like archaeology and anthropology, or read novels with mystery and intrigue.

Scorpios and Their Colours

Virgo Colours, Zodiac Characteristics

When it comes to colours Scorpio’s top colour will be black. Black symbolizes elegance, impurity,  and mystery. This is great for their sex appeal.  Wearing black allows them to feel comfortable with speaking their mind and giving their opinions on topics. Black also gives Scorpios an impartial view on situations, allowing them to come up with the best possible outcome.

When a Scorpio is feeling daring (which is pretty much all the time), they will sometimes come out with a daring colour such as red, or hot pink. They choose colours like these to make their presence known, and trust me no one can forget a Scorpio.  Since Scorpios are generally energetic characters, the colour red, especially deep red, fits their personality well.  Like the colour black, red is a colour best used by ambitious people with a strong desire to achieve greatness. Wear those colours with pride!

Scorpios and Food

Scorpios Food, Hot Peppers, Zodiac, AstrologySince Scorpios are the most seductive sign out there, it does make sense that they would gravitate towards food that is an aphrodisiac. They may not need to arouse any more sexual desire since they ooze sex appeal, but they do still enjoy it. If you are cooking a meal for a Scorpio try going with something with ginseng, ginger, hot peppers, black pepper, oysters, avocado, or almonds. These are food they will quickly devour.

So if you know some Scorpios, or you are one yourself, go out and paint the town red! This is your time to go wild! Happy Birthday, Scorpios!


Amanda, Cosmic Positivity

5 Characteristics of a Scorpio, Zodiac, AstrologyThanks so much Amanda, great post! Those are definitely traits to keep in mind when you’re out with your Scorpio friends. You can find more about the Zodiac and other positive vibes from Shannon and Amanda here at Cosmic Positivity.

Did you know Crystals also correspond to our Zodiac signs? If you want to attract positive vibes, you should keep your Zodiac Crystals with you at all times. Birthstones are a major source of energy and bring positivity to your life.  

Scorpio crystals can infuse your life with joy and bring all your dreams to fruition.  In fact, they can restore your body’s equilibrium and balance by aligning your mind, body, and spirit.  

Zodiac Crystals for Scorpio
Scorpio Crystals – Rhodonite

Rhodonite is the “power stone” for all Scorpios.  This crystal promotes love, forgiveness, and emotional balance.  This stone is used to see both sides of a situation, clear emotional wounds and remain calm in upsetting situations.

Another benefit of this crystal is its ability to heal.  Not only emotional wounds but also physical wounds. It can treat inflammation of your joints, reduce scarring and sooth shock and panic.

It’s also a great stone to help you remember to treat others with kindness. 

Scorpio Crystals – Sodalite

Sodalite can help you find yourself and your passion in life.  It ignites our intuition, helps you understand where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to be. This crystal will help you realize your true potential and stand up for what you believe. Top up your self-esteem, self-acceptance, and trust with Sodalite. You can find out more about Sodalite in How to Balance Your Chakras Part 5: The Throat Chakra

Scorpio Crystals – Amethyst

Amethyst is my favorite crystal. Check out this excerpt about the benefits of Amethyst for an upcoming post I wrote for a travel blog: 

“Amethyst is my all around go to stone for travel. It keeps you calm, helps you sleep, and also keeps you alert and sober in a strange place.

When you travel, you have to look at maps, navigate new cities and coordinate tour times. You also have to find new places to eat and new landscapes to explore. Amethyst promotes emotional centering and helps you stay focused. This crystal keeps you in control so you can enjoy all your trip has to offer. It can also enhance your memory.

My favorite thing about Amethyst is it brings a restful sleep. It’s always hard for me to get to sleep in hotel rooms but when I have this crystal under my pillow, I instantly fall asleep.”  – upcoming article in Claires Itchy Feet.

You can find out more about Amethyst in How to Balance Your Chakras Part 6: The 3rd Eye.

Scorpio Crystals – Citrine

Citrine is a gem of manifestation.  It carries the light of the sun and will always bring happiness to your day.  Use Citrine to attract wealth and abundance into your life.  There are more benefits of Citrine listed here in How to Balance your Chakras Part 3 – The Solar Plexus.

Scorpio Crystals – Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most widely know crystal in the world.  There is a common factor which connects humans and quartz; we both contain silicon dioxide.  This compound attracts energy and can fuel communication.  Quartz brings clarity of the mind and helps you to focus on your dreams and goals.  

Program this crystal with your intention and by doing so it constantly puts it out into the universe, even when you are not thinking about it.  This ensures your dreams can come true.  You can find more benefits of Clear Quartz listed here in How to Balance your Chakras Part 7 – The Crown.

You can find all these crystals here in the Energy Muse Scorpio Zodiac Bag.  It contains 1 Rhodonite stone, 1 Sodalite stone, 1 Amethyst stone, 1 Citrine stone and 1 Quartz Crystal stones.

Affirmation: I am connected to the energy of my birthstones. They will bring me many blessings.

Check out Scorpio inspired jewelry like the bracelet below here at Energy Muse.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of our Zodiac series. Be sure to check it out next month when we will discuss Sagittarius!


5 Characteristics of a Scorpio, Zodiac, Astrology

Amanda and Shannon are founders of Cosmic Positivity and post about the Zodiac, Crystals, Chakras and all things positive in the world.


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