5 Characteristics of the Zodiac Virgo

5 Characteristics of the Zodiac Virgo, Virgo Gift Ideas, Virgo CrystalsI’m super excited to welcome Amanda and Shannon from Cosmic Positivity to the Adele Walsh Blog! Over the next year, they’ll contribute a monthly post about our birth signs and the Zodiac. 

This month we take a look at a Virgos personality as well as their perfect love match. We’ll also see what interests them most, their favourite colours and ideal food choices.

Everything seems more at ease when you understand your birth traits and those of the people closest to you. Shopping for birthdays is also easier when you understand each other.

We all have a special Virgo in our lives. Why not get a unique gift for their birthday this year. Here are a few Zodiac-inspired gift ideas for the Virgo on your list.

Items like this beautiful Zodiac Journal or Zodiac Trinket Dishes from Anthropologie make great gifts for your Virgo friends.








I love the vegan leather of the Zodiac Journal and the handcrafted designs of the Zodiac trinket dishes. 

Amanda of Cosmic Positivity gives more insight about the Virgos among us. 

Virgo and the Zodiac – August 23 to September 22.

Today begins the Virgo season! Let’s celebrate what makes a Virgo shine! So if you’re a Virgo or you know one, then this post is for you!

A Virgo’s Personality

Focus, Virgo Personality, Zodiac CharacteristicsA Virgo is a person who is consumed by their thoughts. A lot of them can be both critical and self-critical. Focusing on every detail and wanting things to perfect allows them to be great employees. They are intelligent, precise and super organised. These are all great qualities to have.

Virgos are not spontaneous or big risk takers. They have to think everything through and understand everything down to the last detail. This sign likes to take things apart, just to put it back together again. They also fight for noble, and they will not stop until justice has been served. You will see a lot of them fight for the underdog, taking on lost causes. This is because they have big hearts, and very empathic towards these causes.

Virgos love to have an intelligent and stimulating conversation with people. They can be very wise, and realistic. These two qualities allow them to learn about many different topics and carry on a conversation with all sorts of people.

Virgos are not people who enjoy change, at all. In fact, anything that throws them off track can upset them greatly. Try not to be late when meeting this sign as they will see it as a sign of disrespect. Word to the wise, don’t postpone anything. Virgos do not believe in putting off something that could be done right away.

A Virgo in Love

Virgo in Love, Zodiac CharacteristicsWhen it comes to relationships and friendships, Virgos prefer to not focus on just affection and passion. While they know that these are important in a relationship, they are not everything. They want to move past the honeymoon phase and begin something real.

Virgos do not jump into a relationship quickly. It is a long road before they are willing to say yes to a relationship. Once they are in one, they are 100% faithful and need reassurance from their partner that they will stay with them.

So how do you seduce a Virgo? With your mind of course! A Virgo male will appreciate you looking classy and elegant, rather than seductive. Wise tip ladies- take an interest in what he is interested in. It’s the fastest way to his heart. A female Virgo will focus in on the man who is well kept. If you want to impress her be the perfect gentleman. Dress to impress, be attentive and thoughtful. You will win her heart right away.

Once in a relationship, Virgos can be tender and show affection. They are the type to cuddle rather than be cuddled. Since Virgos are more analytical and are always lost in their thoughts, they sometimes can’t show their feelings as well as others.

What Interests a Virgo?

Games Chess, Virgo Interests, Zodiac CharacteristicsSince Virgos enjoy using their minds and value strategy and intelligent games over anything else. If you want to have fun with a Virgo choose games like chess, golf, snooker, or board games like Carcassonne, or Settlers of Catan. They love computers and other high-tech gadgets as well. When it comes to nature activities, take a Virgo rock climbing or hiking. They’ll love that!

Virgos and Their Colours

Virgo Colours, Zodiac CharacteristicsIf you are a Virgo, you may notice your favourite colours are green, white, grey, yellow or orange. Try to stick to these colours as much as you can. They should always be your go-to colours. Why? Well, let’s look at what they mean!

Green- This is a soothing colour. It helps to provide balance for your body, mind and soul. It will help to calm you and allow you to feel empathy.

White- This is the colour of purity and protection. It helps to eliminate negativity around you and push you towards forgiveness and acceptance.

Grey- Think of this colour as the colour of compromise, since it the mixture of white and black. It promotes dependability and practical thinking.

Yellow- To bring joy into your life, bring more yellow into it. It is warm and very cheerful. It also promotes hope and gives you a sense of direction.

Orange- Another joyful colour, this colour allows you to be assertive and persistent. This colour is the balance between red and yellow. This colour will help to look at things differently and will encourage you to brainstorm new ideas.

Virgos and Food

Green Vegetables, Virgo Food, Zodiac CharacteristicsWhen it comes to eating Virgos, need to be careful. A Virgo’s digestive system is fussy at best. Mixed with a slow metabolism, raw vegetables are a necessity. Virgos are amazing in the kitchen, so finding healthy recipes should not be a problem. Not only do they want things to taste amazing, but they should look amazing too. If you are a Virgo and do all the grocery shopping, remember you don’t always have to choose the most expensive piece of meat. Make sure to bring a grocery list, and stay under budget. When cooking, try to stick to smaller meals.

Happy birthday you beautiful Virgos! Enjoy your season and make the most of it. This time is you for you!

Amanda, Cosmic Positivity

5 Characteristics of Virgo Zodiac, Virgo Gift Ideas, Virgo CrystalsThanks so much Amanda, great post! Those are definitely traits to keep in mind when you’re out with your Virgo friends. You can find more about the Zodiac and other positive vibes from Amanda here at Cosmic Positivity.

Did you know Crystals also correspond to our Zodiac signs? If you want to attract positive vibes, you should keep your Zodiac Crystals with you at all times. Birthstones are known to be a major source of energy and bring positivity to your life.

Zodiac Crystals for Virgo

Virgo Crystals, Zodiac Crystals, Green Jade, Red Jasper, Citrine, Energy Muse Crystal Healing BagsGreen Jade is the “power stone” for all Virgos. This crystal will bring prosperity and abundance to your life. It also channels your passion in constructive ways and provides good health.

Red Jasper will sustain you during times of stress as well as keep you grounded.  This crystal can provide insight and bring problems to light before they become overwhelming. You can find other Red Jasper properties here in How to Balance your Chakras Part 1 – The Base Chakra.

Citrine is a gem of manifestation.  It carries the light of the sun and will always bring happiness to your day.  Use Citrine to attract wealth and abundance into your life.  There are more benefits of Citrine listed here in How to Balance your Chakras Part 3 – The Solar Plexus.

You can find all these crystals here in the Energy Muse Virgo Zodiac Bag.  It contains 2 Green Jade, 2 Red Jasper and 1 Citrine crystal.

Affirmation: I am connected to the energy of my birthstones. They will bring me many blessings.

 You can find Virgo inspired jewellery like the bracelet below here at Energy Muse.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our Zodiac series. Be sure to check it out next month when we will discuss, Libra, my birth sign!

Amanda and Shannon are founders of Cosmic Positivity and post about the Zodiac, Crystals, Chakras and all things positive in the world.


  1. So informative, and the differences between each zodiac sign is so interesting. Can’t wait to read about Gemini!!!

    • Thanks so much Terra! I love learning about the Zodiac and truly believe the stars have a plan for all of us! If you ever have a chance check out a free birth chart reading, it gives great insight into who you are. Thanks for reading, XO Adele

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