How to Balance Your Chakras Part 6: The 3rd Eye

How to Balance your Chakras & 3rd Eye

Welcome back to my series on How to Balance your Chakras where this time we will take a look at the 3rd Eye Chakra.  In the last five installments, we learned about the energy centers of the body, the meridians, and the crystals used to help balance and clear those centers for optimum health. In any event, if you need a refresher on these principles, you can find the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakra properties and crystals here.

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Please make sure to download your copy of the 7 Chakra summary, with a bonus of the peak energy times of the 12 Meridians.



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One of the easiest ways to add crystals to your every day is through home decor. There are beautiful large specimens and other accessories you can place through your home. I’ve found an Agate Cheese Board from Anthropologie. In fact, check out my Pinterest Board Crystals in Home Decor it’s a great resource and online shop for crystal inspiration.

Another simple way to have crystals in your everyday life is to wear crystal jewelry.

My go-to piece of jewelry is my Chakra Bracelet from Energy Muse. I really don’t feel like myself when I leave it at home, which isn’t often! As we mentioned in previous installments, crystal jewelry has been worn for thousands of years.  It’s a practical way to have crystals with you at all times.

The Chakra Bracelet has 21 healing crystals which relate to each of your 7 Chakras. We will discuss each of these stones throughout this series.

In this installment, we will delve into the 6th Chakra, its properties and the crystals used to help clear and keep it balanced. As shown above, crystal jewelry will be the primary method we will use to balance your chakras, let’s take a look at the wonderful array of 3rd Eye Chakra crystals.


How to Balance Your Chakras, 3rd Eye Chakra, Healing Crystals, Fluorite, Amethyst

First and foremost, your brow or 3rd eye is the 6th Chakra is associated your mind. Blockages in this Chakra prevent us from knowledge and wisdom. When you clear this blocked energy it enables you to move beyond being stuck in your head. You can then ignore the chatter to look deep within yourself. Additionally, a great way to balance and clear this Chakra is to mediate. When you meditate, you can access your psychic and intuitive abilities.

The endocrine glands associated with this Chakras are the Pituitary Glands. These glands are responsible for the secretion of serotonin and melatonin which are the mood and sleep controllers. Furthermore, health problems include eye problems like light sensitivities from issues with the Pineal Gland, and there can also be symptoms of headaches and migraines. These imbalances can lead to depression if this Chakra is not balanced and cleared.

The color associated with this Chakra is deep blue and eating eggplants, and other blue foods like Blueberries balance our spiritual needs. Coupled with, meditation, exercise like yoga and reiki sessions, these daily practices can clear your mind and tune into your spirituality.

I make a smoothie using my Arbonne Chocolate Protein Shake with Almond Milk, Chia, and Hemp seeds.  I add Blueberries every morning to start my day. Usually, this shake combo keeps me full well past lunch!



Balance Your Chakras, 3rd Eye Chakra, Fluorite, Crystal HealingsFluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura. As a matter of fact, it draws off stress and negative energy which makes it very beneficial to heal anxiety. This stone can help you become aware of your higher psychic abilities. It also focuses the mind and links it with the universal mind during meditation.

I love this crystal because it promotes structure in your everyday life. My moon in Capricorn loves structure and craves discipline. Fluorite helps you move beyond narrow-mindedness and lets you see the bigger picture so you can focus on the important issues at hand.

Generally speaking, Fluorite promotes quick thinking and helps you absorb new information. It helps you organize and process information. It’s great to have on hand when you have to learn something quickly, or you are a student.



Balance Your Chakras, 3rd Eye Chakra, Amethyst, Crystal HealingFirst of all, Amethyst is my go-to stone, and it was the first crystal I purchased. I sleep with Amethyst Geodes at the top of my bed. Generally speaking, they are known as the “sober stone” to promote safe choices and sobriety. This crystal has a high vibration which facilitates making decisions and puts insights into practice. Overall, Amethyst is perfect to dispel anger, fear, and anxiety and can help you get through times of grief.

Amethyst balances the endocrine system and helps with metabolism. It also cleanses the aura and transmutes negative energy rising from the throat Chakra. In summary, because of these properties, Amethyst has been used as jewelry for thousands of years. Check out the shopping window below, I found a bunch of Amethyst jewelry for you!

Balance Your Chakras, 3rd Eye Chakra, Fluorite, Amethyst, Crystal Healing

In summary, when you wear 3rd Eye crystals you will connect with your inner mind, and all your stress will fall away. Ultimately you will have more focus, and you will sleep better at night.  How could you go wrong with wearing these stones?

All tumbled crystals for the 3rd Eye can be found here at Energy Muse.

Here’s another chance to download your copy of the summary of the 7 Chakras and their properties, with a bonus chart of the peak energy times of the 12 Meridians.


Be sure to check out the next post in this series on How to Balance your Chakras and Attract Positive Vibes.

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  1. Sounds like I need to try more blueberries and flourite in my day. I’m willing to try it if it helps with migraines.

    • Thanks for stopping by Shawn! That’s terrible you often get migraines. Another few crystals you could try are Lapiz Lazuli which is great for migraines, as are Selenite, Amethyst, and Moonstone. Put them in a healing bag and keep it close to your head. You could even sleep with them to prevent future episodes. Make sure to cleanse them after an attack, on a window sill in the full moon will do or submerge them in salt for a few hours. Appreciate you taking the time to read my blog! XO Adele

  2. definitely will being doing this (:

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