How to Balance Your Chakras: Part 1

Attract positive vibes into your life when you balance your Chakras with Crystals. Let your Aura shine!

As an introduction to crystals, I thought it best to start with the energy centers of our body, the Chakras. My goal is to show you how crystals help each one of these centers and attract positive vibes in your life.

In the coming weeks, I will explain the seven Chakras and how you can increase your energy frequency with crystals. Let’s begin with how I became interested in crystals and discovered their health benefits.

How to Balance Your Chakras, Base Chakra, Crystal Healing, Hematite, Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper

A few years ago,  I was unhappy and didn’t know why.  I went on a journey of health and self-discovery. Through this search, I sought my purpose and looked deep inside to address my unhappiness. A friend introduced me to Reiki, I started to practice yoga and ate clean.  I found I related to the energy principles and decided to learn Reiki myself and I earned my first level certification during this time.

The attunement process was intense for me, I could feel energy vibrations and overwhelming emotions. I delved deeper into the world of energy, chakras, health, wellness, and mindset. All of this led me to crystals.

For the last few years, I’ve learned a lot about crystals and how they can help you find health and happiness. When I saw noticeable results in my mood, attitude, health, and quality of sleep, it made me want to share this with others. I find when you love something so much you want to pass on the knowledge.

My love of crystals has led me to pursue my dreams.  They have given me the courage to take a leap, and the determination to stick with it and see it through. I hope they will bring the same light to your purpose.

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When I talk about crystals with friends, I find some have no idea about their known properties. Some people like to collect minerals and know they are used for grids, and they may have energy. While others think the concept and benefits are all in our heads, a placebo.

Although I believe everyone has their own opinion, the properties of frequency and vibration have been proven by science.  We learned the Laws of vibration through Physics.  The work of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla proves everything around us is vibrating at different frequencies.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  – Nikola Tesla

Ancient cultures used crystals in many ways, even to heal. Did you know the base of the Pyramids is solid Quartz?  Quartz is the highest crystal energy amplifier in the world. It’s like science has caught up to what ancient people may have known all along.

Were you aware crystals keep growing until they are split, broken or cut from the earth?

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” – Nikola Tesla

These and other concepts we will discuss later and are the basis for my book series.


Even if you don’t believe in the healing properties of crystals, there is something in the information I provide which may be beneficial to you. For instance, beautiful jewelry perhaps? You can always be stylish while you balance your Chakras.

In this 7 part series, I’m also going to show you the choices you have in wearing jewelry with healing or positive benefits.

Balance Your Chakras, Chakras, Chakra Bracelet, Crystal Jewelry, Adele Walsh Blog

Chakras, Chakra Healing, Chakra Crystals, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy
I LOVE crystal jewelry. It’s such a convenient way to have a positive influence on you at all times.  I will provide a few different choices of jewelry for each Chakra. Although I prefer natural tumbled stones or rough crystals, others may prefer a different look.

My favorite piece of crystal jewelry is my Chakra Bracelet from Energy Muse. I wear it every day to keep balanced and positive. It contains the 21 different crystals relating to the Chakras we will discuss over the course of this series.

Let’s start the tour by taking a look at the Chakras themselves.


One of the most amazing things on earth is the energy patterns of the planet. All living creature and stationary objects are vibrating at their own unique energy frequency. Your body has energy centers, the Chakras, which promote health, happiness, and influence how we behave. They contribute to our attitudes and how we strive towards goals in life.

If you are active, eat well and you take the time to feel your emotions during meditation, you are probably vibrating at a higher energy frequency.  If you are depressed, have substance abuse issues, and have anger or emotional outbursts, you are more than likely vibrating at a lower frequency. When you heal your Chakras and foster better energy flow in your body, you will vibrate at a higher frequency.  Crystals can raise your vibration, and therefore crystals can make you happier.


Energy vibrating at a higher rate has an effect on objects vibrating at a lower rate.  Do you ever notice when you are around positive people you start to feel better?  You may even start to grow and gain perspective from their influence.

Most crystals vibrate at a higher frequency, and it’s why they are used in energy healing. Crystal grids, crystal healing bags, and sessions with an energy healer like a Reiki professional can help unblock the flow of energy in your body.

When I work with crystals or do Reiki, I try to concentrate on the Chakra I feel needs attention from health problems I have been experiencing.  I usually find an emotional wound needs to be addressed.  Once you let these emotions out and have a cry, you are able to accept it.  When you let it go, you tend to move on to more productive pursuits. You’ve made space for positive things in your life by letting go of things you may have had bottled up inside.

You can heal health issues and emotional distress by opening up your own energy centers. This allows your energy frequencies to become higher and you become more positive.


Chakras, Aura, Balance your Chakras, EnergyThere is an energy field surrounding all of us, called our Aura. Our Aura and its energy frequency is a gauge for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

How your internal energy flows through your body can affect your Aura. When we combine crystals with other forms of healing like Reiki, we can unblock energy imbalances. As with any form of healing, the best practice is to include exercise, meditation, and to eat well.

Your energy flow and vibration level can affect how you feel and behave. When you increase your energy frequency with the help of crystals, healing occurs in your Chakras.


There are 7 main Chakras, and they relate to the endocrine glands of the body. Our endocrine glands are energy pathways and communication processing centers.

The flow of energy from the Chakras travels through our meridians. Energy in these pathways travels at a much high rate of vibration than in the rest of the body.


There are 12 meridians relating to different parts of your body. Each meridian has a different peak energy time.

During certain times of day, your problem areas may flare up if you have issues with these organs. You may notice you are woken due to the increased energy taking place. For example, if you have troubles when you breathe you may wake up between 3, and 5 am with issues because it’s your lungs peak energy time.

These complications arise because your Chakras have blockages and the energy does not flow properly through your meridians to your organs.

Make sure to download your copy of the 7 Chakra summary, with a bonus of the peak energy times of the 12 Meridians.


A Chakra is depicted as a spinning wheel of a lotus flower. Each Chakra has an associated color, sense and there are certain crystals used to heal them.

Our 7 main Chakras are:

We will discuss one chakra in each of the 7 parts of this series. Let’s start with the Base Chakra.


Balance your Chakras & Attract Positive Energy Part 1, The Base Chakra, Featured Stones Hematite, Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Crystal Healing, Chakra Crystals, Adele Walsh Blog

Base Chakra, Root Chakra, First Chakra, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy, Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz

The 1st Chakra is called the Base or Root Chakra located at the base of the spine. It connects or grounds the energy of our body with the energy of the earth element.

Our sense of security, survival, and prosperity are linked to this Chakra where it grounds us in the reality of this world.  The symbol for the 1st Chakra called Muladhara is below.

The color Red is associated with the Base Chakra, and our sense of scent. You may have problems with your sinuses if you have emotional issues related to feelings of belonging and feeling safe.


To heal and circulate energy in this area brings confidence in ourselves and in the world outside. The endocrine glands associated with this Chakra are the gonads, problems areas would include lower back pain, issues with your feet, and problems with sexual organs including fertility. You can help balance your Root Chakra by eating red fruits and vegetables like red peppers and strawberries.

Balance Your Chakras & Attract Positive Vibes, The Base Chakra, Featured Crystals Smokey Quartz, Crystal Healing, Chakra Crystals, Crystal Jewelry

Smokey Quartz helps you release negative emotions and form self-confidence which has a strong link with the Base Chakra.

It helps promote positive thoughts when you feel down.  When you need a clear head to focus on the task at hand, Smokey Quartz is the number one stone you need around.

This crystal can relieve pain and benefits the reproductive system. Used to bring emotional calm to lift depression, this stone aids in acceptance. Being one of the most beneficial stones to have in your collection, make sure to check out the shop window below before they sell out!

Balance Your Chakras & Attract Positive Vibes, The Base Chakra, Featured Crystals Hematite, Crystal Healing, Chakra Crystals, Crystal Jewelry

Base Chakra, Root Chakra, First Chakra, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy, Hematite


Root Chakra crystals for healing include Hematite to ground you to the earth energy, balancing your meridians and can also be magnetic.

This crystal promotes self-esteem and helps you learn from your mistakes rather than becoming destructive. It stimulates concentration and helps you sort out problems with focus and original thought.

Hematite prevents negative energies from entering your aura. I wear an anklet to ground me to the earth and place a protective shield around my aura.

Balance Your Chakras & Attract Positive Vibes, The Base Chakra, Featured Crystals Red Jasper, Crystal Healing, Chakra Crystals, Crystal Jewelry

Another crystal used to stimulate the Base Chakra is Red Jasper. This stone encourages you to take action and put yourself out into the world. Worn for centuries as a worry bead, Jasper gives you confidence and provides insight into difficult situations.

Red Jasper cleans and stabilizes the aura and provides protection by grounding energy to the body. Jasper works slowly, so I suggest you wear it for long periods of time. There are options below in the shopping window to help you with a choice.

Balance Your Chakras, Chakras, Base Chakras, Grounding Crystals, Crystal Healing

In this first post of the series, we learned your Root Chakra is responsible for your stability and ultimately your success in life. When it’s balanced, you have confidence and feel grounded.  An easy way to keep it clear is to wear healing crystal jewelry related to the Base or Root Chakra. We saw examples of Smokey Quartz, Hematite and Red Jasper jewelry and stones envious of any collection. You can find more items in the selection of crystal jewelry in the shopping windows below.

Be sure to check out my next post in this series and thank you for reading about how you can balance your Chakras. Please leave a comment below and share this post so others can learn and benefit from the information. Pass on the positive vibes!

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Remember to download your copy of the summary of the 7 Chakras and their properties, with a bonus chart of the peak energy times of the 12 Meridians.

Base Chakra, Root Chakra, First Chakra, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy, Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz
Base Chakra, Root Chakra, First Chakra, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy, Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz
Base Chakra, Root Chakra, First Chakra, Crystals, Crystal Healing, Healing Energy, Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz


Balance Your Chakras & Attract Positive Vibes, The Base Chakra, Featured Crystals Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Hematite, Crystal Healing, Chakra Crystals, Crystal Jewelry

Adele Walsh is the Founder and owner of Adele Walsh Blog. She spends most of her time attending live rock concerts, blogging about crystals and writing her Fantasy series. Her goal is to help other creative entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and live a life of their own design. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.


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    • Thanks so much Rochelle for stopping by! There’s a lot to learn about Crystals and Chakras, and I’m so glad you found my series helpful. Be sure to reach out if you have any questions! XO Adele

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