Practical Gifts Couples Can Use Together

This week’s post is a showcase of gifts couples can use together.  A gift bought with the purpose of being useful to both people in a relationship, can save money and a garbage full of dead flowers. Buying something useful to both of you can bring a couple closer together and satisfy a mutual interest.

Figuring out what to buy someone who has everything they need, while making it unique and thoughtful, can be stressful for some people.

I admit I am not the best gift giver.  Over the years I’ve come to realize what has the biggest impact is making the effort.  Those actions can be a huge difference to your loved one and brighten their day.

Spending Time with your Spouse is Important.

We live in the era where we have limited time for our spouses. For many, we spend most of our time at work.

Sometimes we waste time on frivolous pursuits or choose to sleep the time away on long weekends.

For some, valuable time is spent in cars for hours staring at brake lights just to get home.  While others have families, activities, and responsibilities which take up large portions of the day.

Time is something you can’t buy, or ever get back once it is gone.  You can only use it wisely, be productive and make the smart choice with its precious minutes.

My dream is to live a life where I have the freedom to spend time with my loved ones and earn a living doing something I love.

I try to spend a lot of time with my spouse.  It’s by choice; he’s handsome, kind and super funny.

It makes a lot of sense for us to purchase gifts we both can use together.

Here are a few items we would love to buy each other and one we are trying out and recommend.

List of Gifts Couples can use together:

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera (White) with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology


In searching for the best gifts couples can use together, I came across the new Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera.  Most of us have a camera full of selfies and snapshots of your lives with very few displayed on your fridge or have at work in cute frames.  I know when we started using digital cameras, our printing and framing dwindled to a stop.  Sure I post them on Facebook or Instagram, but I don’t have pictures in my wallet or around my mirrors anymore as a daily reminder of the people I love.  This camera will hopefully solve this problem, analog selfies!

See Stickers, Albums, Frames and Paper Refills below.
















You can find the paper refills here.








Getting outside in the fresh air and being active is an important part of everyone’s lives.  An excellent way to spend time together and get some exercise is to commit to walking or hiking with your partner.  Fitbits are fun gifts couples can use together to track your progress and keep you motivated.  It can become a challenge for both to track your step totals. It’s also a fun way to stay healthy and spend time together.  Available in different colors.

Picnic Backpack

While you are on these romantic hikes or lovely strolls through the park, how can you resist a lookout and a picnic?  A great idea for gifts couples can use together is this picnic backpack.  I love how it keeps everything neat and tidy.

We have found many lookouts while hiking around Southern Ontario, where we can spread out a blanket and enjoy the view.

Our favorite summer activity is finding a place to watch the sunset.


Arbonne Genius Ultra Wand

The Arbonne Genius Wand is a skin care product which can be gifted to each other and used together.  The technology behind the wand is ultrasound.  The warmed tip of the wand gently massages product deeper and more penetrating into your skin.  I really notice the difference than using anti-aging product alone. Many of my fine lines vanish with consistent use.


The wand is unisex.  We all want to look our best and guys want to keep their skin youthful.

I have been an Independent Consultant for Arbonne for many years.  They have an incredible range of health and wellness products for both men, women, and children.  All their products are vegan, contain no parabens and are cruelty-free.

Amazon Echo or Echo Dot









The Amazon Echo is a hands-free home automation system, and her name is Alexa.  All you have to do is ask Alexa to play music, give you a weather update or do a search online for you. She can even turn the lights on!  Imagine the convenience of arriving home with your hands full of bags and saying, “Alexa, turn on the lights.” Fantastic!

This technology is amazing, with integrated apps like Spotify, Audible and much more. As a couple, we can listen to music and books together.  We would no longer have to play paper, rock, scissors to see who has to get up to turn off the lights during movie night, we’ll just ask Alexa!

Thanks so much for reading!  I hope I have inspired you to spend time with the person you love most in life.

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